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People have huge concerns after seeing man wearing Apple Vision Pro on subway

People have huge concerns after seeing man wearing Apple Vision Pro on subway

Is this the future we're living in?

The Apple effect is unfolding before our very eyes - VR and AR (that's virtual reality and augmented reality) might have been around for years, but now that Apple has put the Vision Pro into the world, we're suddenly seeing headsets everywhere.

A staggering number of people have gone viral for using the headset out and about - and some of the clips are more than a little unnerving.

Take this video which has been viewed millions of times, of someone using the Vision Pro on a subway in New York.

It's prompted all sorts of responses, with almost everyone commenting on X (formerly known as Twitter) wondering what would possess someone to do this.

After all, there are some concerning angles here. For one thing, Vision Pro costs at least $3,500, with more storage space and accessories bumping that price up significantly, so it's a crazy valuable thing to be using calmly in public like this.

Because the Vision Pro has incredibly high-quality video passthrough of the world around you, the subway rider in question is probably a lot more aware of his surroundings than he looks from the outside, but it's still a weird call.

You never know when someone might just pull the headset off your head and run off with it, after all, and stranger things have definitely happened on the NYC subway. As one comment on X joked: "Lol this guy's gonna get robbed so easily after 10pm."

Amusingly, the guy in question also might actually be taking us for a ride - with popular tech reviewer MKBHD pointing out that he might not actually be working away on the Vision Pro, despite appearances.

He said on X: "The keyboard only supports pointer finger input. He's trolling y'all." This is in reference to the fact that typing out text on the Vision Pro is actually reportedly very slow, since the virtual keyboard relies on eye tracking to know where your hands are.

It's still undoubtedly very cool tech, of course, but most people who say they've managed to work really efficiently in the Vision Pro by pairing it with a MacBook, a Magic Keyboard or another Mac computer, which lets them use a normal keyboard with it.

Featured Image Credit: Cantomic66/Reddit