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How to try the Apple Vision Pro without spending $3499

How to try the Apple Vision Pro without spending $3499

Apple's VR headset is set to go on sale in February.

Apple's hotly anticipated mixed reality headset, Vision Pro, has finally got a release date.

Beginning in the US only, the device will launch at Apple Stores and online from Friday February 2, with pre-orders available from January 19.

The catch? Apple said the Vision Pro will start at $3,499 dollars (£2,742), which is a whole chunk of change.

The Apple Vision Pro will go on sale in February.
Business Wire

Compare this to the Meta Quest 3 - the leading VR headset from Facebook's parent company - which costs $499 (£390).

First announced last summer, the Vision Pro is essentially a wearable computer - the headset mixes apps and software with the real world in front of your eyes, and is controlled by your eyes, hands and voice.

Gamers will likely be desperate to try out the new bit of kit, as Apple has promised more immersive experiences in entertainment and gaming.

So what if you did want to try the Vision Pro before shelling out a whole lot of money for it? There might just be a way.

The Verge said it received an email from Apple which read: 'Starting at 8:00 a.m. on Friday, February 2, we invite you to sign up for a demo of Apple Vision Pro at your local Apple Store.

'Demo times will be available Friday through the weekend on a first-come, first-served basis. We can’t wait to see you there.'

The product was first unveiled back in June.
Justin Sullivan / Staff / Getty

But it looks like you'll have to be quick if you want to give the Vision Pro a try for free, as it sounds from this email like demos will only be offered during the first weekend - although Apple hasn't confirmed this.

And with the sheer amount of hype around this new bit of kit, we wouldn't be surprised if lines went out the door for a chance to try out the Vision Pro.

According to the tech giant, the device 'seamlessly blends digital content with your physical space'.

It will include an all-new App Store, with access to more than one million compatible apps for this new way of interacting with technology, which Apple calls spatial computing.

“The era of spatial computing has arrived,” Apple boss Tim Cook said.

Apple Vision Pro is the most advanced consumer electronics device ever created. Its revolutionary and magical user interface will redefine how we connect, create, and explore.”

The tech giant has not yet confirmed a release date for the Vision Pro in any countries outside the US.

Featured Image Credit: JOSH EDELSON / Contributor / SOPA Images / Contributor