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YouTuber spends 50 straight hours using only the Apple Vision pro without taking it off

YouTuber spends 50 straight hours using only the Apple Vision pro without taking it off

He went to the gym, cooked dinner and did daily chores wearing the Apple Vision Pro.

Would you ever spend an entire weekend in an immersive headset by choice?

Most of us would probably say "no", but a viral YouTube video suggests it could work better than you might think.

YouTuber Ryan Trahan, who has 14.6 million YouTube subscribers, took the template set by Casey Neistat's Apple Vision Pro review and ran with it even further - rather than spending a day in the Vision Pro without taking it off, he spent 50 hours wearing the headset.

After all, Apple's whole strategy when it comes to selling people on the Vision Pro is that it can enhance your life and be used while on the move, not just in your home - so, what better way to put that to the test?

The American YouTuber, vlogger, and entrepreneur, 25, set himself three rules for the challenge. Namely that he can't take off the Apple Vision Pro at any time during the challenge, his screen time must be 50 hours to complete the challenge and lastly, that he can't use any technology besides the Apple Vision Pro during the challenge.

He doesn't cut any corners, either - he wears the Vision Pro to the gym, while making dinner, finds a way to wash with it on, in bed, and even plays what looks like a pretty vigorous game of ultimate frisbee with it on, all the while perplexing his friends and family.

It's a really funny watch, and also showcases a bunch of the best and worst parts of the headset by really stress-testing it.

YouTuber Ryan Trahan wore the Apple Vision Pro for a weekend.

For example, since Uber, Lyft and other big ride-sharing apps don't yet have native Vision Pro apps, Trahan finds himself limited to a way smaller platform, which results in him getting the same driver almost every time he wants to travel anywhere (since driving in the Vision Pro is super unsafe).

It's also clear that battery management poses a challenge. The Vision Pro is tethered to an external battery pack and lasts around two and a half hours on each charge, which means Trahan constantly has to top the battery up and work out a way to swap in a fresh one without the headset powering down.

It all comes together into a brilliantly entertaining video (thanks mostly to Trahan's excellent editing), but it's worth listening to his conclusions too.

The comments section has some takes on the experiment, with one person saying: "I like that you mentioned the feeling of not being present in your own memories. I think it's really common nowadays with all this technology."

So, while the Vision Pro might be a stunning bit of kit, and might even have accessibility bonuses, maybe 50 hours straight is something you need to ease into first.

Featured Image Credit: Ryan Trahan/YouTube