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YouTuber shares the Apple Store's $1,000,000,000 secrets and puts them to the test himself

YouTuber shares the Apple Store's $1,000,000,000 secrets and puts them to the test himself

There's a reason for everything you see in the Apple Store.

You couldn't expect a billion-dollar tech company like Apple to not have a few tricks up its sleeve, right?

YouTuber Mrwhosetheboss shared a $1 billion secret that Apple uses on its customers every time they walk into an Apple Store.

When you walk into an Apple Store, you've probably noticed that the devices are always plugged in and charged, ready to play around with.

But what you might not have realised is that every MacBook is set at an angle that needs to be adjusted.

Here's the reason why.

According to the YouTuber, by encouraging you to readjust the screen to your viewing level increases your 'sense of ownership' as you touch the device.

SOPA Images / Contributor / Getty
SOPA Images / Contributor / Getty

This is called the Endowment Effect. It's a psychological term that describes how people are 'much more likely to keep something if they feel like they already own it than to buy the exact same product if they didn't own it,' the YouTuber described.

'Making the product feel like yours makes you feel like you'd be losing something if you didn't walk out with it.'

To emphasise this feeling further, Apple employees are instructed not to touch the devices that customers are testing.

The YouTuber tested this theory and found that Apple employees never actually touch devices that customers are using - unless they 'absolutely have to.'

Another part of the tech giant's secret is the store layout.

You might see that no Apple Stores have checkouts or tills. That's because they're not designed to feel like a shop, but more like a place to experience Apple technology without thinking out money.

There are never any sale signs or price tags throughout the store and the tech support section is called a 'Genius Bar' to make it seem more like a place of leisure.

Furthermore, the stores are made of glass to allow natural light in and let any passersby see directly into the store and 'get rid of the feeling of missing out on it.'

Apple employees - actually called 'specialists' - are not paid on commission.

'They play the long game by encouraging intelligent staff to build genuine-feeling micro-friendships with the only objective of making the buyers seen and heard,' Mrwhosetheboss continued.

By doing so, they may not get a sale on that day but they've increased the chance of you returning to the store and buying something later.

They each follow what Apple calls the five rules of service which, unsurprisingly, spell the word 'Apple.'

These are: 'Approach customers with a warm welcome. Probe politely to understand the customer. Present a solution for the customer. Listen and resolve issues or concerns. End with a fond farewell.'

So when you next pop into an Apple Store, remember that there's a purpose for everything in there.

Featured Image Credit: Mrwhosetheboss / YouTube / SOPA Images / Contributor / Getty