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Apple gives gift to employees who worked on the Vision Pro and people aren't impressed

Apple gives gift to employees who worked on the Vision Pro and people aren't impressed

It's thoughtful... but it's not quite a $3,500 headset.

If you'd spent a few years working day and night to make a fancy product like the Apple Vision Pro AR headset a reality, how would you expect your bosses to mark the occasion when it finally came out?

That's the question being asked on social media this week after Apple employees started sharing looks at what the tech giant sent them to say thank you for their time on the project.

It's a small black card featuring the outline of the Vision Pro in a reflective line that changes color depending on your angle and the light around it.


Kevin Aubin - who goes by @kaubin - posted a picture of it on X, with a message underneath the outline reading: "Thank you for helping the world say hello to Apple Vision Pro."

While some people think this looks like a nice and classy way to mark the big milestone that a consumer release is, there are others who aren't too impressed, especially since Vision Pro was in the pipeline for so long and clearly took a lot of work to design and prototype.

As one popular comment under Aubin's post read: "Is that a picture/picture frame? Wouldn't a nice gift be ... a Vision Pro?"

Anadolu / Contributor / Getty

In many industries, those who work on a product - whether it's a physical item or something like a videogame or a movie - might expect to get a copy of that product for free when it's finished, after all.

That gets a little bit more complicated for something like the Vision Pro, which is both really expensive (it starts at around $3,500) and in very high demand - Apple would have to allocate a lot of headsets to employees to give everyone one.

As a reply to that sassy comment explains, though, while Apple isn't giving employees free AR headsets, it looks like they're giving them a 25% discount on the Vision Pro if they wanted to nab one for themselves.


But it's clear from this post and others that plenty of Apple employees are perfectly pleased with the card, since some have had it framed in commemoration.

It's nice to mark major professional moments, after all, and being able to say you worked on the first-ever version of Vision Pro isn't something that just anyone can brag about.

Featured Image Credit: Anadolu /Contributor/Getty / @‌kaubin/X