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People stop in awe of man wearing Apple Vision Pro to walk his robodog round London

People stop in awe of man wearing Apple Vision Pro to walk his robodog round London

It's the ultimate tech mash-up.

Apple's new Vision Pro AR headset is very much the flavor of the day, a new piece of technological wizardry that has been wowing basically everyone who's managed to get some time with it strapped to their face.

And people have already been pictured in some strange places wearing the Apple Vision Pro - showing how it can apparently fit into your daily life.

From the New York subway to inside their actual cars, people don't seem to see any issue with using the Vision Pro in crazy circumstances. Step forward the latest example, from creator Zac Alsop on X (formerly Twitter).

With the caption: "Oh no it's reached London," he shared a video of a man wearing the Vision Pro while apparently controlling a little robot dog at the same time - a glimpse of what tech might look like in the future.

However, scratch the surface here and things might not be quite as candid as they seem - Zac Alsop is a popular and successful YouTuber whose entire channel is largely dedicated to pranks and stunts.

He loves nothing more than to sneak into a big event or feign his way to being a viral sensation, so without any proof at this stage, we'd put good money on him having a YouTube video in the works about how he hijacked the Vision Pro hype storm to get a whole heap of attention and clicks.

After all, while the headset obscures his face, we're pretty sure it's Alsop himself in that baggy suit, a fact that isn't exactly given away by his caption.

With 17 thousand likes, 6.4 million views and counting, this all looks like a success for him either way, though, and it's generated plenty of reactions in replies.

A lot of it is admittedly focused on that interesting choice of suit, though, as one comment argued: "Could have asked AI to recommend suit size though."

Still, expect to see more and more interesting clips of Vision Pro in the coming days and weeks, because it's only going to get in more people's hands over time. It could well start to be a regular sight on the streets of cities around the world - if people decide it's really worth using more than a few times, which is the sad fate of so many other VR headsets.

Featured Image Credit: @‌zacalsopp/X