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2003 footage shows just how loud it was living near London Heathrow Airport as Concorde took off

2003 footage shows just how loud it was living near London Heathrow Airport as Concorde took off

The Concorde was a supersonic jet - meaning it was also incredibly loud.

The Concorde is has become symbolic of a moment in time - there's now a whole generation of people who have never seen one in the air.

Once heralded as the start of a new era in aviation, this sleek and pointy plane made journeys incredibly quick thanks to its ability to go at supersonic speeds - but it stopped flying back in 2003.

A video from that year is a gem from the oldest days of YouTube, first uploaded in 2007, showing what it was like living under the Concorde's flight path before it was retired.

Andrew Holt / Getty

The video was filmed by a resident near London Heathrow Airport, and after some fiddling with the old school video camera's focus and zoom functions, it shows a quick glimpse of a Concorde soon after takeoff.

What's more remarkable than that, though, is the sound that accompanies the plane - it's unbelievably loud. Living near an airport always comes with a fair amount of noise, but the Concorde was renowned for how loud it could be.

The plane's huge engine roar is added to by what the video's description calls 'the swirl' of its wake, which could blow through on a clear day and apparently lift the lids off of bins in driveways.

In the video, you can hear a car alarm get triggered by the combination of noise and gusts, so it's not too difficult to imagine the plane being a bit of a menace for locals.

Even with just a short time on-screen, the plane's memorable design is really obvious. Afterburners from its rear jets are clearly visible, as is that clearly recognizable arrow-like cone shape.

Andrew Holt / Getty

The Concorde mostly flew transatlantic flights, and given that it hasn't flown for more than 20 years, it's really remarkable to reflect on just how fast it could go. The fastest-ever transatlantic flight time for a passenger plane is still held by a Concorde flight from 1996, after all. It made it from New York to London in a quite astounding two hours, 52 minutes and 59 seconds.

That's not even enough time to watch a lot of modern movies - particularly as film times are getting longer and longer - so you can imagine how impressive it was for passengers used to far slower journeys.

Of course, this all began to unravel when a fatal crash happened in 2000, something that the Concorde was never able to overcome reputationally, so we're now left with records and videos like this one to reflect upon.

You can see the video here.

Featured Image Credit: Maguirerichardson/YouTube / Getty Images/Handout