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Tesla superfan receives two Cybertrucks that tragically fail as Elon Musk vows to fix it 'pronto'

Tesla superfan receives two Cybertrucks that tragically fail as Elon Musk vows to fix it 'pronto'

He's still a diehard Tesla fan despite his experience.

One devoted Tesla fan faced not one, but two Cybertruck breakdowns in a row.

If that's not enough to show that Tesla's monster vehicles aren't a complete flop, I don't know what is.

Sharing his experience on his YouTube channel, Lamar MK revealed that his first Cybertruck, which he got in March, broke down on the side of the road - after just two weeks.

He showed his viewers a bunch of red blinking error messages on the truck's control screen that forced him to pull over.

'It's a first-generation vehicle. Always going to have issues,' he said understandingly.

Frustration built up when the wait was much longer than expected so who better to message than Tesla's CEO.

Lamar posted another video in April asking Elon Musk for help.

Lamar MK / YouTube
Lamar MK / YouTube

'We’ll get it fixed pronto,' Musk replied in a tweet, which lifted Lamar MK's spirits despite the months of trouble Tesla had put him through.

According to Lamar, Tesla service kept giving him completion estimates but then postponing the repairs. Musk assured him this time it would be a smooth and quick process.

'Thank you!!!' LamarMK replied to Musk. 'I’m very confident they will.'

Since its launch, the Cybertruck has caused headaches for many owners, with issues like rusty panels, failing brakes, and a recall for a stuck accelerator pedal.

Lamar's first truck not only had a mid-journey failure but also a 'ripple' in the windshield and a sagging headliner trim.

At first, the service centre couldn't fix the truck for weeks.

When he finally got it back, the engineers had found a ground wire problem that shut down the truck's high-voltage system.

Trouble stuck twice when Lamar noticed an issue with the truck's active shutters, leading him to ask for help again.

'Do not try to fix this truck anymore, just send a replacement from Texas ASAP!' he tweeted. 'I can’t even take a 2hr trip without it breaking.'

He added: 'I've emphasized to Tesla multiple times that I don't want a buyback or refund; I simply want a replacement Cybertruck.'

As a fine example of customer loyalty, Lamar said in a follow up video: 'Tesla is the one. I got everything in Tesla, and I'll continue to support the brand Tesla.'

At the end of May, the electric vehicle manufacturer finally sent him a replacement truck wrapped in blue vinyl.

But his optimism was short-lived.

This second Cybertruck also malfunctioned after nearly two months when Lamar was unable to disconnect the charging cable or even enter the vehicle.

Once again, he was stranded but this time the Telsa service informed him that no roadside assistance was available and he would need to wait until morning. What a disaster!

While most people's patience would have fallen short with the months of service centre hell he had to experience, the YouTuber has nothing but faith in Tesla and is still the carmaker's number one fan.

Featured Image Credit: Lamar MK / YouTube