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Cybertruck owner solves one of the vehicles often reported issues by completely polishing it

Cybertruck owner solves one of the vehicles often reported issues by completely polishing it

One Missouri man was unhappy with how his vehicle looked so he took matters into his own hands.

A Cybertruck driver has claimed he’s avoided a key aesthetic issue by simply polishing his vehicle.

Since the Tesla Cybertruck was released in November 2023, owners of the pickup have been plagued with various problems.

These include their accelerator pedal pad coming loose and getting lodged in the interior rim as well as reports of rust and corrosion on the brushed stainless-steel body.

A more surface-level issue that many owners have reported is how difficult it is to wipe off fingerprint marks from the vehicle.

As the Cybertruck doesn’t feature conventional door handles, owners are required to press down on a small button to get inside.

This therefore means the doors easily collect fingerprints and if the marks aren’t regularly treated, the oil from your hands could eventually work itself into the porous body material.

Despite these difficulties, the truck from Elon Musk’s Tesla is still sold out until 2027 for customers placing new reservations.

Tyson Garvin from Joplin, Missouri, recently got his hands on the vehicle after preordering it five years ago and has already come up with a foolproof method to avoid unwanted fingerprints.

Tyson Garvin
Tyson Garvin

Speaking to Business Insider, Garvin explained that he got his vehicle in April but wasn’t too impressed with its look.

"I didn't like it when I first got it," he said. "It was actually very dirty when I picked it up. It was a very bad delivery experience. And just the look of it — the dull stainless steel isn't evenly brushed.”

Due to his displeasure, the Cybertruck owner sought out Brylee Waits who owns a car polishing company.

Despite not specializing in stainless-steel electric vehicles, Waits, known more commonly as The Polishing Guy, rose to the challenge and elected to chrome out the car.

According to the publication, it took him and three other employees 120 hours to fully polish the monster automobile.

After receiving his truck back, Garvin claimed that he was happy with the results and that the polishing job had made his vehicle easier to maintain.


“It doesn't have all the porous stainless steel that holds all the oil from your fingerprints,” he admitted. “The more you clean it, the shinier it gets.”

Garvin added that he’d seen ‘a lot of talk’ on the internet about whether the Cybertruck could be polished or not.

“Most people said you couldn't because of certain kinds of stainless steel used in the manufacturing process, but none of that mattered.

"They just didn't know any better."

Following The Polishing Guy’s successful venture, he has received an influx of enquiries and allegedly has four trucks ready and waiting to be polished up.

Featured Image Credit: Tyson Garvin