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Tesla ban Cybertruck owner from returning or selling his vehicle after spotting major issue

Tesla ban Cybertruck owner from returning or selling his vehicle after spotting major issue

Representatives reportedly refused to take back the vehicle

A Tesla Cybertruck owner claims his request to return his vehicle was denied despite suffering a change in circumstances.

Since its initial unveiling in 2019, the stainless steel Cybertruck has divided the automobile community.

While many believe that the electric pickup is the future of car manufacturing, others have blasted it for exhibiting various issues including faulty accelerator pedals and a porous body.

Despite complaints, the Cybertruck is sold out until 2027 and some people have only just got their hands on the car after five years of waiting.

One Tesla fanatic who preordered the vehicle after watching the launch with his ex-wife in Bali was Blaine Raddon.

Despite waiting half a decade to receive the motor, the man unfortunately already wants to return it.

However, it’s alleged that the company, co-founded by Elon Musk, has no interest in granting Raddon his wish.

Last month, the driver took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to report that Tesla had reportedly refused his request to return his recently purchased Cybertruck.

“They do not want to buy and have told me I can’t sell,” he wrote, as per Business Insider.

Since ordering the vehicle, Raddon has had a lifestyle change.

He and his wife have separated and he has moved into a new apartment complex.


However, upon receiving the Cybertruck, he realised that it didn’t fit comfortably in the supplied parking space, as per the publication.

“It does not fit into the complex I live,” he continued. “I found that out the day I bought it back. What can I do? Not trying to make a profit @Tesla @elonmusk.”

Raddon said that he had to make a four-point turn to navigate the car into his designated parking spot.

He added that he had some difficulty with the lack of space he has on each side.

In a further tweet, the vehicle owner explained that the Cybertruck was his fourth Tesla and that he wanted to avoid violating the contract he signed at the Salt Lake City branch.

“I immediately notified @Tesla in writing when I found that my circumstances had changed and I was not able to make the Cybertruck work,” he added.

“If I had been able to test drive it and take it home I could have avoided this.”

After realising his Cybertruck didn’t fit his lifestyle, Raddon claimed to have contacted the Tesla dealership manager in Salt Lake City by email.

It’s reported that while the written sales request didn’t include details of his circumstances, it did reference the fact the truck was bigger than he expected.

A response, allegedly seen by the publication, stated that the customer was bound by the one-year prohibition to sell his Cybertruck privately and that they disagreed with Raddon’s reasoning behind the sale.

UCG / Contributor / Getty
UCG / Contributor / Getty

They wrote that the car not fitting in the space didn’t ‘warrant an unforeseen circumstance that would trigger Tesla's purchase’ of the vehicle.

It’s said that the man has since replied to the email, stressing that he was trying to ‘remedy an unfortunate circumstance’.

It’s reported that the conversation between Raddon and the dealership is still ongoing.

UNILAD Tech has reached out to representatives of Tesla for further comment.

Featured Image Credit: UCG / Contributor / Getty / Twitter/@BRADARR