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Tesla owner shares car’s first electric bill after 12 months and people can’t believe the price

Tesla owner shares car’s first electric bill after 12 months and people can’t believe the price

On Tesla owner took to X to share their shocking bill.

EV seem to be quite divisive amongst car enthusiasts.

However, it's safe to say that people who drive electric vehicles (EVs) do have a certain amount of environmental bragging rights - but this recent Tesla bill shows that there's plenty of other reasons why it might be worth buying one.

When it comes to EVs, Elon Musk's Tesla is the most well-known brand on the market.

And whilst they might come at a more expensive price tag, if you're really canny, there are ways to basically avoid ever having to pay to charge your car, whether it's a Model Y, Model 3 or a brand-new Cybertruck.

One owner has even put this method to the test. X user @Tesla_GTownTX shared a screenshot today of what they say is the first time they've had to actually pay a bill to charge their Tesla in a whole year - and the total owed is pretty surprising.

Nope, your eyes don't deceive you - The balance due is just $2.37 (£1.89).

This is a huge contract to the hundreds of dollars you might assume it costs to charge your car regularly over a month.

However, if you take a look at their Twitter profile you can get a pretty big clue as to how they might have managed to get their EV vehicle bill so low.

Their cover photo shows a Tesla Powerwall - that's a massive battery you can buy and loop into your home's power to store charge, and it's at its most useful when paired with solar panels, to create a potentially self-sufficient power loop.

This means your solar panels can power your home, but also store excess charge in your Powerwall. You can then use this charge to keep your car topped up when you plug it in.

It requires a pretty high buy-in cost to set up, between the panels, the battery and the car itself, but you certainly reap the rewards afterwards.

The Washington Post / Contributor / Getty
The Washington Post / Contributor / Getty

There's also environmental factors to consider that play into how well it works.

X user @Tesla_GTownTX seems to be located in the Texas area, which would normally get loads of sunshine to bank plenty of power, but the ongoing cold snap has probably slowed that to a trickle.

They captioned their post: "First time I’ve had a bill within the last 12 months. This sucks."

One user replied: "That's horrible. My condolences." While another joked: "Damn my dude post a GoFund Me the community will rally around you I’m sure."

Featured Image Credit: Kent Nishimura / Contributor/ Getty/ @‌Tesla_GTownTX/X /