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Five hidden features on your Netflix app almost no one knows about

Five hidden features on your Netflix app almost no one knows about

Your next binge-watching session is about to get an upgrade.

Hidden features you might not have heard of in the Netflix app will change the way you stream.

Loads of us turn to our phones when we’re commuting, but did you know that you can download Netflix shows to the app to watch offline? This is one of the hidden Netflix features The Sun has outlined.

Say goodbye to constantly fiddling around with public Wi-Fi - just download your favorite show or movie before you leave the house, and all you have to do is press play when you’re out and about.

Watching Netflix during your commute is about to get a whole lot easier.
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To download, you literally just open the Netflix app on your device and click on ‘Downloads’, then, press ‘Find Something to Download,’ and you can pick something out.

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Another feature which you rarely hear about is the games section, the Sun says.

That’s right, on the Netflix app you can play games - and what better way to pass the time?

All you do is go into the app, type 'games' into the search bar, and pick out what you fancy playing - from Bandersnatch to Trivia Quest.

The next feature is pretty much for everyone who's wasted hours of their life deciding what to watch.

If you find yourself in this position, simply hit the 'Play Something' button and Netflix will decide for you - maybe putting on a series you're currently watching, or a new film.

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Another tip for using the app is learning some category codes - if there’s a particular genre you want to watch, like cooking shows, you can type in a certain set of numbers into the search bar, and they will appear.

For example, action and adventure is 1365 and political dramas is 6616 - helping you filter your results a bit more easily.

For those of us in long distance relationships or have loved ones far away, you can also watch films together on Netflix.

The app is compatible with free third-party extensions, so you can use things such as Teleparty to host a movie marathon - and the chat feature means you can speak to each other throughout the film.

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