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YouTuber says yes to every single email for a month and finds himself with some crazy bits of tech

YouTuber says yes to every single email for a month and finds himself with some crazy bits of tech

Everything from earbuds to a casket landed on his doorstep.

The world of YouTube tech reviewers is a big one, but there's one name that probably stands out above everyone else - Marques Brownlee, known by his channel name of MKBHD.

He's been on YouTube for so long that you can see videos of him reviewing phones and cameras from way back, but he is now the king of the castle where tech verdicts are concerned.

This means he largely sticks to the most famous or eye-catching products, but he occasionally takes a look at more niche or weird tech, as demonstrated by a really successful video from last year.

The video has a simple title that explains the premise really quickly: "I Said Yes to Every Email for a Month!".

Brownlee didn't turn down a single pitch over email for a month to see what weird tech would land in his lap as a result, and some of the stuff he was sent is bizarre.

It ranges from some headphone add-ons for VR games, to a cooling and heating fan that you can wear around your neck, and even a plug-in infotainment display for older cars.

Amazingly, though, despite being a tech YouTuber, the most amusing thing he was sent wasn't a bit of tech at all - it was a bright red, shiny casket.

That's right, a casket for a funeral, the Titan Orion Series, and the company that makes it probably couldn't believe its luck when Brownlee not only replied to their email, but actually said yes.

In fact, you can confirm that by heading to the comments, where the company has left a nice note: "Thank you so much for this wonderful coverage of our company and mission. Our small team works SO hard every day on behalf of our clients/families (and we're up against some very LARGE competitors), and having you tell our story is so rewarding."

Another fun company that Brownlee also gets to put the spotlight on during the video is GravaStar, which makes amazing-looking speakers and earbuds that are designed to look straight out of science fiction movies.

Manu Vega / Getty
Manu Vega / Getty

They're chunky and angular, with paint jobs that make them look weathered and used, along with lights and a general aesthetic that's very Cyberpunk, and the earbuds Brownlee shows off won't be for everyone.

If you like the vibe, though, GravaStar could become your next favorite tech company, with a surprisingly solid reputation for sound quality alongside amazing designs.

The video has proven to be one of Brownlee's most popular YouTube uploads of recent times, sitting on an impressive 6.5 million views right now, and the comments below it are full of people asking for a repeat.

The top comment, with 21,000 thumbs-up votes on it, reads: "We need this segment every year but at random times so they don’t know when you’re saying yes to everyone."

Brownlee gave that comment a "like" on his account, so you never know - round two could be on the way.

Featured Image Credit: Marques Brownlee