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MrBeast in disbelief after YouTuber IShowSpeed wins $100k completing Wipeout course

MrBeast in disbelief after YouTuber IShowSpeed wins $100k completing Wipeout course

Things got heated when Speed competed for the cash alongside KSI.

MrBeast was left gobsmacked after fellow YouTuber IShowSpeed was crowned the champion of his Wipeout-inspired obstacle course.

IShowSpeed - whose real name is Darren Jason Watkins - and KSI recently teamed up with Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson to compete for a lucrative cash prize.

The 19-year-old and KSI - real name Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji - went head-to-head as they traversed across rotating platforms and battled with a rope-swinging activity.


The pair’s Wipeout efforts were recorded and the results were posted to Speed’s 25 million YouTube followers.

Despite KSI pushing Speed into the water below at one point, the latter eventually reigned supreme in the competition.

However, 26-year-old MrBeast was less than impressed with his effort and wasn’t convinced that he’d actually earned the $100,000 cash prize.

He claimed that because Speed hadn’t landed on the platform on the final event, he hadn’t completed the course.

“You think 100 grand is supposed to be easy? You think I just throw this thing around?... You gotta complete the course, or you're not getting it," he remarked.

Surprised by MrBeast’s outburst, Speed requested a handshake of goodwill from the philanthropist.

However, his subtle attempt to reach for a briefcase containing the $100,000 prize money didn’t escape MrBeast’s notice.

Following the incident, the North Carolina native suggested that if Speed attempted any more thievery he wouldn’t hesitate to get the police involved.

“You would call the cops on me, Beast? You’re going to call the cops on me,” he exclaimed.


He continued to taunt the host and said: “Yo, MrBeast never got robbed.

“He’s not ready for it, man. You know, I could easily just do that and just run away and you wouldn’t catch [me].”

Due to being denied his prize, Speed was instructed to go through the obstacle course again.

After completing an activity, dubbed ‘not big red balls’, it was impossible for MrBeast to keep the cash prize from the influencer any longer.

Shocked that the social media star- who rose to fame in 2021 - had beaten the Wipeout-style course again, MrBeast said: “Oh no, I just lost 100 grand.

“I didn't think he was gonna do it.”

Speed is rumoured to feature in MrBeast’s upcoming ‘biggest video ever’.

Speculation began circulating on Wednesday (June 5) when the star uploaded a list of names to feature in the upcoming video.

Speed’s name was listed first in the now-deleted Tweet, which was soon followed by a group shot that didn’t feature him.

Instead, the likes of KSI, Logan Paul, Bella Poarch and Chunkz were present in the group picture.

Nothing is yet known about MrBeast’s forthcoming video however it is expected to debut on YouTube on July 13.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / @mrbeast / YouTube / @IShowSpeed