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Logan Paul gifts IShowSpeed brand new Tesla Cybertruck

Logan Paul gifts IShowSpeed brand new Tesla Cybertruck

It certainly is an extravagant present to give a friend.

You might think you're good at giving presents to your mates, but you'll have nothing on the extravagance of Logan Paul.

The American content creator and wrestler recently gave his friend, fellow internet personality IShowSpeed, a Tesla Cybertruck.

And no, it wasn't IShowSpeed's birthday or anything like that - it was actually a thank you present for his recent involvement in WWE's biggest wrestling event of the year, WrestleMania.

ICYMI, in early April WWE held WrestleMania at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, which saw the Rock come back for his first proper match in over a decade.

The night also saw Paul defend his United States Championship belt in a three-way match against Randy Orton and Kevin Owens.

And he can very much thank IShowSpeed for helping him retain the title, as his friend made an appearance in the match dressed as a Prime mascot (the energy drink brand Paul co-founded with fellow internet personality KSI) and intervened, preventing Paul from getting kicked in the head. Paul later went on to win the match.

IShowSpeed's help came at no small cost, as he found himself on the receiving end of a vicious RKO from Randy Orton - a cutter-style finishing move that slammed him into a platform.

As a thank you, a few days later Paul presented IShowSpeed with a black wrapped Cybertruck from "the Prime team" - no small gift, with the cheapest model starting at around $60,990.

A TikTok video posted to Prime's channel shows Paul surprising IShowSpeed with the electric pickup, with his friend exclaiming: "You gotta be lying, bro!"

IShowSpeed added in disbelief: "No way this dude gave me a starship."

In case you were wondering why Paul had gone for a black wrap, he said in the video: "We wrapped it in black because, you know, that solar eclipse."

The video shows IShowSpeed driving the truck, marvelling at the massive screen next to the dashboard and the self-driving capabilities.

And TikTokers are rushing to the comment section to talk about the OTT present, with one person comenting: "These rich folks handing out cars like it's candy makes me rethink life."

While another joked: "I'll take an RKO for a Cybertruck."

And it's not even the only vehicle in IShowSpeed's garage. At the end of March, he posted on Instagram about buying his first car - a personalized Lamborghini in red and green, featuring an image of the back of footballer Cristiano Ronaldo - an homage to the player's national team, Portugal.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/Prime