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People are calling MrBeast a ‘real life Jigsaw’ after watching intense challenge video

People are calling MrBeast a ‘real life Jigsaw’ after watching intense challenge video

MrBeast puts his contestants through gruelling challenges for their chance to win some serious money.

MrBeast, real name James 'Jimmy' Donaldson, is known for entertaining millions with his wild challenges and giveaways.

He throws around huge sums of money, making it easy to get hooked on his videos, making you wonder if you'd be willing to take on a crazy challenge for a shot at a big payday.

But one of his recent videos has led people to liken him to the antagonistic puppet master Jigsaw from the Saw movie franchise.

For those who steer clear of horror (and a lot of gore), Jigsaw kidnaps and traps his victims testing the extent of their physical and ethical decisions in his deadly 'games' in return for their life.

Mr Beast / YouTube
Mr Beast / YouTube

Whilst MrBeast may not be taking his challenges to this extreme by any means, one of his challenges involves two strangers who are chosen to spend 100 days together in one ‘isolation chamber’.

If they succeed for the whole duration, they get $500,000.

It's a lot of money, but it's also a long time.

The chamber comes with all the basics – food and a bathroom – but neither person is allowed to have access to the outside world.

Oh, and if one of the pair decides to leave early, the other person gets nothing.

It seems Mr Beast is aware of his Jigsaw vibes as he parodies a scene from the first Saw movie in his thumbnail for the video - although no ankle scene here if you know what I mean.

Jose Francisco Morales/Unsplash
Jose Francisco Morales/Unsplash

'It’s insane that the world’s biggest YouTuber is basically Jigsaw,' one viewer wrote.

'To be fair watching saw would be interesting in a very morbid way if it was real,' replied another.

One user even questioned: 'How long do you think it'll be before he Truman Show's somebody?'

MrBeast has hosted other experiments that relate to Saw traps including putting a voluntary host through a series of traps in order to win $100k.

One Redditor described Donaldson as 'slowly going full john kramer' in that one trap involved the volunteer trying to escape a hanging cage whilst the spiked walls closed in on him.

'Hoping it would end with a "sponsored by Saw X" advertisement,' one viewed remarked.

Featured Image Credit: Mr Beast / YouTube