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New trend 'love hacking' could change the way you online date for the better

New trend 'love hacking' could change the way you online date for the better

Optimising your profile will let the algorithm work its magic.

If you're familiar with dating apps, you might have tried a few ways to increase your chances of finding the one either by increasing the distance radius or expanding beyond your 'type' of partner.

Tinder has made it easier to share your upcoming date with your friends but according to dating site, there is a new trend rising in the dating world.

It’s called 'love hacking' and rather than aligning with the general definition of 'hacking' being a quick fix, this method requires ongoing adjustments to perfect. describes the trend to be 'hacking or optimisation techniques to enhance the online dating experience.

Olha Danylenko/Getty
Olha Danylenko/Getty

'This can include a variety of methods and tools, such as artificial intelligence, to maximise the effectiveness of interactions on dating platforms, increase the chances of matching with potential partners, or optimise one’s bio to attract a specific type of partner.'

The best way to let the algorithm work its magic is to put efforts into your dating profile.

This means selecting photos that highlight your best features and crafting a bio that grabs attention. Make sure to include some eye-catching keywords also like 'love', 'music', or 'relationship' - studies have shown these to be favoured by the opposite sex.

Think carefully about what unique aspects about yourself you want people to know and use these to make your profile stand out.

And before you think about skipping the bio part and letting your pictures speak for themselves, research shows that users (especially women) swipe right on profiles with empty bios.

Oscar Wong/Getty
Oscar Wong/Getty

According to the dating platform: 'Applying principles from social psychology and communication enhances interactions with potential matches. Getting to know someone online can be tricky, but there are ways to make it easier.'

Do your research about communication to learn how to keep the conversation going. No memorable love story started with a 'hey, what you up to?' and ended with a 'haha x'. Be creative, but be yourself.

'Borrowing tips from psychology and communication studies to help you build a connection, create chemistry, and keep the conversation flowing.'

And make sure you're picking the right platform for you, and when you do, deactivate your other profiles.

A dating expert at, Emma Hatharn, said: 'Love hacking embodies a fusion between technology and the quest for human connection, offering a multitude of possibilities.'

Featured Image Credit: Olha Danylenko/Oscar Wong/Getty