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Long-awaited WhatsApp feature that users have been waiting for is finally coming

Long-awaited WhatsApp feature that users have been waiting for is finally coming

Listening to voice notes just got easier.

WhatsApp users loved the addition of voice notes to the messaging app in August 2013.

However, it was soon realised how much it was more beneficial to the sender than it was to the listener.

Senders could catch up on messages much easier while cooking dinner or walking to the train without having to type everything out.

But for recipients, voice notes even just a few minutes long are a lot of listening and unnecessary effort.

Usually, it's packed full of your friend's life updates with each point warranting a response.

I think we can agree it’s much easier to multitask and record a voice note than it is to listen to one.

NurPhoto/Contributor/ Getty
NurPhoto/Contributor/ Getty

However, Meta's launch of voice note transcriptions for the app could make it a whole lot easier for recipients.

According to WABetaInfo, a site that tracks the latest WhatsApp features, some beta users have seen the latest feature pop up in the latest Android update,

We can only hope the same goes for iPhone users.

The transcription feature seems to work for both outgoing and incoming messages and currently supports five languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Hindi.

WhatsApp values privacy and so, the feature requires an additional data package to be downloaded – which keeps the messages and their transcriptions on the device rather than using the cloud.

WABetaInfo team explained on the website: ‘Transcribing voice notes enhances the accessibility of the app, as it significantly improves the user experience for those with hearing impairments.

Hispanolistic / Getty
Hispanolistic / Getty

'By converting voice messages into text, these users can easily engage in conversations with voice notes that they might otherwise miss.

‘In addition, transcriptions are beneficial in noisy environments where listening to audio messages is complicated. Users can read the transcribed text instead, ensuring they stay informed and can respond appropriately without needing to listen to the original audio.’

Another great thing to mention is the easiness of searching the voice notes at a later date. This is basically impossible with voice notes as they are so this addition would be great to see.

‘Transcriptions provide a quick reference even through searching the voice note later, enabling users to find and review the content of voice notes without having to replay the audio,’ they said.

‘This feature also offers convenience to users who receive lengthy voice notes, as it allows them to quickly read the transcriptions instead of having to listen to the entire audio message, enabling them to understand the content more efficiently.’

Featured Image Credit: NurPhoto/Contributor / Hispanolistic / Getty