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Biohacker Bryan Johnson shares photos from his childhood and teenage years and he looks like a ‘completely different person’

Biohacker Bryan Johnson shares photos from his childhood and teenage years and he looks like a ‘completely different person’

He took viewers down memory lane with photos from when he was born to now.

A few months back, Bryan Johnson received a lot of comments on social media about his appearance after years of following an intense anti-ageing routine.

He shared photos of himself in 2018, 2023 and then 2024.

But not everyone was impressed with some thinking he looked worse than before.

Others pointed out that Johnson's 'fuller face' in his earlier days made him look healthier and younger.

The biohacker himself was shocked by the changes in that he mentioned his iPhone's Face ID no longer recognised him, he tweeted on X.

To clear the air, Johnson has posted a YouTube video going through his childhood photos from when he was a baby all the way to the present.

'What I want to do is share with you my life through pictures of my face,' Johnson said. 'Because all of our faces tell stories, maybe more so than we realise.'

He added: 'I wanted to share with you that I have lived many lives and those lives have been captured in my face. Let's go.'

In the video, the 46-year-old expressed the changes his body was going through, the life stressors that impacted the way he looked, and felt and how his routine has changed him for the better.

To start, he brings viewers' attention to his baby photos of looking like a healthy baby.

Bryan Johnson/YouTube
Bryan Johnson/YouTube

Moving to 'the summer between years of being 12 to 13', he remembers eating 'so many' peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and thinking 'I just can't eat enough of these guys.'

Johnson recalls gaining around '20 to 30 pounds in one summer.'

He mentions people at school criticising his weight for his mother to reassure him saying: 'You're not fat, you're just husky.'

Later, the tech mogul explained his time on a Mormon Mission in Ecuador. Whilst he looked pretty healthy going out there in a 'very expensive suit.'

However, his next photo shows him 'drowning in my suit' after losing 'around 60lbs.'

Bryan Johnson/YouTube
Bryan Johnson/YouTube

He mentions going through a rough time where the food made him sick and the constant exposure to the sun with zero protection made his face break out in red acne and rashes.

At age 28, Johnson started focusing on his health after years of stress, binge eating and other unhealthy habits.

As he founded Blueprint, he began a series of experiments including treadmill tests and cryotherapy.

One year into Blueprint, Johnson felt great about his body and himself, working out every day and focusing on his health.

His face looked slimmer, his body more toned, and he appeared generally happier.

'Getting that lean means I lost a lot of fat on my face. It turns out, when you lose a lot of fat on your face, you look older,' he recalled, showing the series of photos he received backlash on.

Fast forward to now, Johnson describes feeling much happier and content in his life.

'When I say that I've never been happier in my entire life, you can now see where that's coming from and the context,' he concluded.

Featured Image Credit: Bryan Johnson/YouTube