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People stunned after seeing what biohacker looked like before beginning his intense de-ageing process

People stunned after seeing what biohacker looked like before beginning his intense de-ageing process

People are debating whether he actually looks healthier.

Before committing $2 million a year in a long-term experiment to reverse his ageing, Bryan Johnson looks almost unrecognisable in comparison.

The entrepreneur recently posted photos of himself on X to showcase his physical transformation since starting his biohacking journey.

Johnson shared the noticeable changes in side-by-side images of 2018, 2023 and a current shot in 2024.

In the post, he captioned: 'Even my Face ID is confused. I'm transitioning...'.

Just from a brief glance at the photos, Bryan's face has undeniably changed since 2018. His more recent presentation appears slimmer and with a neutral and clear complexion.


The 46-year-old even poked fun at his transition even adding a poll for his audience that said: 'Tell me when I peaked', allowing users to select from the years of 2018, 2023 and 2024.

Some viewers think the biohacking regime has caused Johnson to look 'less human', claiming that his appearance in 2018 'looked more human than ever.'

Specifically, a few X users pointed out that Johnson's 'chubby face' in his earlier days made him look healthier and younger than his current self.

Whereas others think the life experiment is working really well for Johnson, with one comment reading: 'Anyone saying you looked better before is lying' and: 'TRUST THE PROCESS'.

'That is incredibly impressive, definitely a story I’m following,' another said.

Earlier this year, Johnson debuted Project Blueprint which invited participants to pay $333 per month for a 90-day self-experimentation nutrition program aimed at improving longevity and metabolic health.


One participant shared her positive outcomes after just 30 days, reporting major improvements in sleep quality, body fat, and overall fitness.

Under the supervision of a team of 30 doctors, led by Cambridge-based anti-aging specialist Dr. Oliver Zolman, Johnson's blood, heart, liver, kidneys, brain, blood vessels, and sexual health are closely monitored.

According to the biohacker, his daily schedule consists of waking up at 4.30am, exercising for one hour, and consuming exactly 1,977 calories per day.

The millionaire is openly vegan with his meals mainly made up of whole foods, with a period of intermittent fasting in the morning.

He reportedly sleeps in a cold, empty room and takes dozens of supplements in hopes of reversing the ageing process, and be young and healthy for as long as possible with 'no plans to die.'

Johnson records his journey through his YouTube channel and guest stars on several podcasts.

Featured Image Credit: @bryan_johnson/X