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Tech expert shares code that unlocks secret feature on Samsung phones

Tech expert shares code that unlocks secret feature on Samsung phones

If you've got a Samsung phone, you'll want to know about this nifty, secret feature.

If you've got a Samsung phone that doesn't seem to be working as well as you might like, it might be time to access the hidden diagnostics menu.

That's right - those in the know are able to input a special code to bring up a whole secret menu.

Well, it isn't so secret any more - as TikTok user @tatechtips has spilled the beans in his latest viral video, which has clocked up 558.7k likes and counting.

All you have to do, the TikToker said, is tap *#0*# into your device's keypad.

From there, "you get this secret, hidden diagnostics menu. So from here you can diagnose any issues you might have."

Essentially, it's a portal to testing the mechanics of your phone and making sure everything is in working order.

"This could be checking your front camera, test your speaker, check all the colors in your screen," the TikToker said.

But a few caveats before you go racing to your phone - it looks like this is just for Samsung devices, rather than all Androids, if the comment section is anything to go by. And according to, it might not even work on all Samsung phones, as some carriers block this functionality on certain handsets.

If you do have a Samsung and have successfully access the diagnostics menu, there are a whole lot of tests to play around with. Some get incredibly technical, such as testing functionality of your device's magnetic sensor. But don't worry - you don't have to do much of the tech wizardry yourself, as your phone will automatically tell you whether it has passed or failed many of the tests.

The hack brings up a secret diagnostics menu.

One of the best things you can test is your phone's touchscreen - after all, we bash on our phones all day, so the screen does get a bit of a beating. First tap on the 'Touch' button and trace the squares to make an 'X' shape in a box - if it turns green, you'll be taken back to the main page as your phone has passed the test.

This one seems to be tripping people up in the comment section on TikTok, as a few people have rushed in to ask something along the lines of 'How to exit the touch test' - with one even adding: "Have fun trying to exit the touch test," with that particular comment garnering over 4,000 likes.

The easiest way to exit it is to finish the test and you'll be automatically taken back to the diagnostics page - otherwise recommends pressing the volume up button.

To exit the menu entirely, says tap the back button twice and you'll arrive back to the keypad.

And the post has gone viral for a reason, with people loving the secret hack.

"WOW tried it and it works!!!" one TikToker commented, while another added: "This is actually pretty cool."

If you're testing out a phone before buying it - whether it's new or used - this could be a great thing to try, just to check that everything's in working order.

Featured Image Credit: tatechtips / TikTok