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People vow to 'never eat packet sandwiches again' after finding out how they're made

People vow to 'never eat packet sandwiches again' after finding out how they're made

A TikTok video is going viral showing how sandwiches are really made.

It seems like everything is automated nowadays - we're even edging closer to restaurants run by robots.

That's probably why this unexpected video is going viral, showing how sandwiches are actually made.

You know, the kind of pre-packaged sandwich you pick up from a popular chain - you really can't beat them for ease and tastiness when you're in a rush.

A TikTok video from @simplifit has shown off how meal deal sandwiches are apparently made - and it might not be what you expect.

First, the bread is put into a machine - and manually inspected by a worker, who takes out any slices with imperfections.

It then starts off how you might think - the slices of bread are buttered by a machine and start moving along an automated conveyer belt, each receiving a squirt of mayo.

And then things start to go sideways.

We might have started with automation, but it would seem like our meal deal sandwiches have a lot more of the human touch than you might have anticipated.

The video suggests workers then manually place the next ingredients onto the bread - such as cheese and slices of ham. The sandwiches are then closed with a slice of bread - again, done by humans - and shipped off.

"I cannot believe they're doing this with their bare hands, with no protection whatsoever," the voiceover says.

Will you look at prepackaged sandwiches the same after this?
Jeff Greenberg / Contributor / Getty

And while a lot of people in the comments share the narrator's displeasure ("I'm never eating a ready made sandwich again," one TikToker proclaims), not everyone is quite so disgusted.

"Washed hands more hygienic than gloves," one commenter stated, while another said: "Washed hands are cleaner than a new set of gloves."

"Gloves can also be full of bacteria, particularly if they don't change them regularly," another TikToker agreed.

And some people just think it's safer all round to make your own lunch - regardless of whether robots or humans are taking charge.

One TikToker commented bluntly: "Always make my own, know where my hands have been!"

Featured Image Credit: @simplifit0/TikTok