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TikTok trend where AI guesses the surroundings of your photos is leaving users terrified

TikTok trend where AI guesses the surroundings of your photos is leaving users terrified

The results seem shockingly precise.

TikTok users are terrified by a new trend that generates a new background for their photos using artificial intelligence (AI).

The template uses AI to expand users’ pictures and guess their surroundings - and the results seem scarily accurate.

TikTokers can upload their photos onto a template created on the video editing site CapCut, which appears to have been started by a Spanish-speaking creator.

The template tends to have the Spanish phrase: “Este efecto de ia te no dejara dormir” at the top of the video, which translates to: “This AI effect won't let you sleep”.

How ominous.

The trend started in the Spanish and Portuguese-language corners of TikTok, with the associated hashtag #expandetufoto (roughly translating to 'expand your photo' in Portuguese) earning over 268 million views. #IAutocompleta is another hashtag people are using to jump on the trend, and it's already clocked up over 276 million views.

TikToker @oscarrybinski is one of the many to give the trend a try - and the results feel scarily accurate.

One photo shows a close-up of a dog - AI then zooms it out, showing a group of people petting the pooch.

Another shows folded-up clothes for sale, immediately panning out to show an almost seamless view of the whole shop.

@oscarrybinski seems a bit freaked by the results, captioning the video: "This is creepy."

But people seem to be divided in the comment section - one user wrote: "My heart is running" with a rather frightened-looking emoji, while another asked: "Howww??"

Others were curious to know how accurate it was, with one asking: "I have to know if the places look identical to the AI," and some just didn't get the hype. "I don't understand. What's creepy about that," someone bluntly commented.

It's not the first time TikTokers have played around with AI on the platform - whether it's using a filter to make you look like you're from the 1940s or even making out with Shrek, there's plenty of weird and wonderful things you can do. Plus, it's a lot more fun than worrying if AI is going to steal your job any time soon...

Featured Image Credit: Credit: franrdrgzz_ / TikTok