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Man creates ChatGPT-controlled robot that can see and describe the world around him

Man creates ChatGPT-controlled robot that can see and describe the world around him

The robot reminds us a bit of Wall-E.

The rise of artificial intelligence is as exciting as it is slightly terrifying.

A new area of AI is linking it up to robots, making them as advanced and futuristic as possible.

Now, one man claims he has created a ChatGPT-controlled robot which “can see now and describe the world around him”.

This might sound a little far-fetched, but there’s a video to prove it.

Reddit user MrRandom93 has uploaded footage of a robot with multicolored wires, which appears to have digital eyes and move.

The man touches the robot’s head and asks: “Let’s test out your vision”, and the robot blinks and moves before computing, replying with: “OK, let’s see here.”

A phone is then held in front of the robot, and after some dialling sounds - which presumably means it's 'thinking' - it replies with: “Image analysis identifies a human forearm extended towards a digital device, the display screen in a low-lit indoor environment.”

The man touches the robot’s head again, praising it for its good work.

The robot then computes for a few seconds and replies with: “Ah thanks, you’re making my circuits blush – if that were a thing.

“Now, let’s see... oh, did you know that a shrimp’s heart is in its head?

“Crazy, right? Anyway, how’s your day been?”

The video has generated mixed responses, with 43,000 upvotes and nearly 2,000 comments.

One person commented: “Oh f*** it’s happening isn’t it,” and another said: “Humanity is officially doomed.”

We've got to admit, the robot is actually rather cute.

But not everyone is quite so pessimistic, with one commenter saying: “We'll incorporate AI into our own brains, and work with it externally. There's no reason we can't coexist. Every human you meet is a potential competitor. Cooperation benefits all.”

ChatGPT is little over a year old, and it's already revolutionizing the world of tech - and our lives as a whole.

It interacts in a conversational way, and the dialogue format makes it possible for ChatGPT to answer follow-up questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests – and this seems to be apparent with the Reddit user’s robot.

Who knows what will happen in the future of AI, but if robots can be created at home to see, talk, and “describe the world” around them, then really anything could be possible.

Featured Image Credit: reddit / MrRandom93