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People can’t believe what GPT-4 robot does after being asked to "play the metal"

People can’t believe what GPT-4 robot does after being asked to "play the metal"

Safe to say people aren't hugely impressed with this robot's musical talents.

With artificial intelligence quickly becoming a reality, it's becoming more common for us to stumble upon some seriously wacky AI-generated stuff.

But this latest feat from the GPT-4 language model really takes the biscuit when it comes to being weird - if not a little creepy.

What makes this AI tech special, though, is that it’s been given real-world presence in the form of a physical robot.

Called Alter3, the humanoid robot was first introduced by researchers at the University of Tokyo in 2016. However, it’s now been upgraded with GPT-4, enabling it to perform complex tasks like taking selfies, playing air guitar and even pretending to eat popcorn.

However, it's the air guitar performance that's stealing the spotlight and people on the internet can't get enough of the robot’s metalhead skills (or lack thereof).

Reddit users, as you can probably imagine, had a field day with the news.

“Johnny 5 Alive!” said one user, referencing the classic 80s movie, while others, a little more critically, commented on the robot's musical, erm, abilities.

"Those are not even power chords," one user jibed, and another joined in that the robot had a "weak left hand".

Clearly, people think the robot's metal-playing skills are lacking some authenticity.

One user humorously touched on many people’s concerns about AI taking over the world as we know it, saying: "As a matter of record, I would like to use this post to personally welcome our new AI Overlords and assure them that they have my full support in whatever world domination efforts they choose to pursue."

While people are quick to judge, there’s no denying that there's serious tech behind this strumming bot.

Alter3 is an impressive feat in itself. Boasting 43 axes simulating human musculoskeletal movement, it’s able to replicate intricate upper body and facial expressions. However, it's anchored to a base meaning it can't walk (which is probably a good thing).

We're not sure this robot will be starting a band anytime soon.
YouTube / takahide yoshida

But the real magic happens when researchers input verbal instructions for movements, with GPT-4 generating the necessary Python code to bring the actions to life.

Before the integration of GPT-4, getting the robot to perform such actions would have required specific coding for each activity. Now, the AI injection has meant a whole new level of capabilities.

The unique thing about this robot - and we’re sure many others in the future - is that it can learn from natural language instructions, which showcases a monumental leap in robotics.

In another non-metal related scenario, Alter3 pretends to eat popcorn, only to realize it belongs to someone else, leading to an exaggerated display of surprise and embarrassment.

This isn't just a slightly weird party trick - it's a glimpse into the future of human-robot interaction. And at this level, it suggests we’re not too far away from a future where robots are not just tools but entities capable of nuanced, human-like interactions.

Get that panic room built ASAP!

Featured Image Credit: YouTube / takahide yoshida