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Inside the controversial $60,000,000 superyacht with a secret pool

Inside the controversial $60,000,000 superyacht with a secret pool

This eye-wateringly expensive superyacht has everything from a cinema room to a gym and sauna.

The inside of a wildly expensive superyacht has been causing a massive stir online.

A recent TikTok clip showcased just one part of an outrageously over-the-top superyacht, but it was enough to have people's jaws hitting the floor.

The clip from luxury real estate expert Enes Yilmazer shows the gleaming red 263ft-long yacht at anchor on a glorious ocean, but then moves inside to demonstrate some true luxury, in the form of an indoor pool complete with statues and fountains.

The yacht is called Leona, built by luxury ship maker Bilgin, and it's not even public knowledge who owns it, although its price is rumored to be $60 million.

The pool tells you all you need to know - it's coated in marble and surrounded by luxurious seats, with the back of the boat opening out into whatever beautiful surroundings you're parked in.

It means that even if you bought a yacht without ever wanting to get into the ocean, you'd still be able to swim in the pool whenever you like.

Yilmazer's TikTok has some predictable replies under it, with people marveling at the extravagance. One person wrote: "Really nice, but why do you wanna be in a yacht inside a pool at the ocean with no views, I don’t get it." Another said: "Ngl this is most cool yacht I've ever seen".

Happily for the snoopers among us, this isn't the only glimpse of Leona that you can get online right now - Bilgin itself uploaded a video tour of the boat last year.

It shows off bedrooms that are dripping in glamour, as well as padded lounges and so much marble that you would think the boat has trouble staying afloat.

Bright colours are everywhere, too, so it's not exactly a traditional interior - there's hardly any polished wood to be seen.

A hot tub bathroom with an attached individual steam room makes it look easy to unwind after a long hard day being a billionaire, while there's also a cinema room and multiple outdoor decks for relaxing in the sun. One of those, of course, has its own huge hot tub, in addition to the secret pool.

A bar area finds the space for a baby grand piano in white, and a huge dining room has room to entertain loads of guests. There's a fully equipped gym and a sauna, too - the list goes on.

It looks like a floating five-star hotel, but that inescapable price tag - reported to be $60 million - means it's the sort of luxury that most of us will realistically never get anywhere near. Still, it's nice to look at.

Featured Image Credit: @Superyachts/@yachtlifestyle /TikTok