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Jeff Bezos’ $75m yacht designed exclusively to support his $500m mega yacht spotted on video

Jeff Bezos’ $75m yacht designed exclusively to support his $500m mega yacht spotted on video

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos owns some of the most luxurious yachts in the world.

It ain't always easy owning a mega yacht - sometimes you just need a smaller boat to make certain trips or get to shore.

That's a problem that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has solved handily, at the low-low price of a reported $75 million, by adding a so-called 'shadow boat' to his enormous 127-meter yacht Koru.

The shadow boat is called Abeona, and it's pretty huge and luxurious - which just shows how far money goes when you have nearly limitless resources like Bezos.

Robino Salvatore / Contributor / Getty

Abeona is a 75-meter yacht with a metallic and modern design, and until recently it had only ever been seen in still images, with Bezos religiously maintaining his maritime privacy.

Recently, though, a video has surfaced of the yacht being towed through what looks like a canal or marina by a much smaller boat.

The video was posted by @mickey.superyachts on Instagram - a yacht spotter and superyacht enthusiast.

Cooper Neill / Contributor / Getty

Abeona's sheer size doesn't even necessarily come across in the video, although you can get a strong hint of it if you pay attention to its decks. Plus, this boat holds even smaller boats on it, along with a helipad for landings.

This drills into you just how big the yacht is, as does the presence of quite a few passengers on various decks and viewing balconies, all looking like they're having a lovely time.

They probably are, too - since yachts like this are the pinnacle of luxury, something you'll only really get a glimpse of if you're actually invited aboard, since privacy is so core to their raison d'etre.

Joe Raedle / Staff / Getty

Abeona looks like it's a bit of a mismatch with Koru, Bezos's largest and main yacht - which reportedly costs $500 million and is a sailing yacht with old-school sails and masts - but that's probably the point. Having these two boats means he can likely take to the seas for any type of journey or in any conditions, rather than being bound by each one's limitations.

That's a pretty nice situation to be in, but it's hardly a surprise for one of the world's richest people - you only have to check out details of his recent 60th birthday party for another reminder of just how wealthy Bezos is.

Featured Image Credit: DeFodi Images News / Contributor / Getty / Mickey Superyachts / Instagram