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‘World’s most swiped man' on Tinder reveals his secrets to getting so many matches and what not to post on your profile

‘World’s most swiped man' on Tinder reveals his secrets to getting so many matches and what not to post on your profile

Stefan-Pierre Tomlin was crowned the most 'swiped right' man on Tinder in 2017.

It's easy to swipe aimlessly through dating apps, not really paying attention to the people behind the profiles.

But what if you wanted to cut through the noise, and make people really notice your profile?

British model and actor Stefan-Pierre Tomlin knows a thing or two about making a splash on a dating app, as back in 2017 he was named the most 'swiped-right' man on Tinder.

He's since capitalized on that success and set up his own dating advice agency, called Celebrity Love Coach.

Tomlin is no longer single, and is sharing his wisdom for people to benefit from.

He recently went on the Take A Seat podcast, sharing his do's and don'ts for heterosexual online dating.

According to Tomlin, the harsh reality is you have "half a second to impress someone" when swiping through apps like Tinder.

That means you have to make the best first impression possible.

"You've got to interest someone in the first half a second," he says. "Your profile picture needs to be clean - you can't have your mate, your dog in the picture."

According to Tomlin, the first picture needs to be of you - and you alone - so any potential date isn't confused who they're swiping for.

His top tip is to have the second picture as your hobby - whether that's cooking, go-karting or anything you might be into - make it clear what you're into, and don't make the mistake of pretending to like something you don't. For goodness sake, don't hold up a massive fish unless you're actually into fishing.

The bottom line? "It's important it's all about you and your hobbies, basically put out what you want to attract," Tomlin advises - and if you're straight, he doesn't recommend having mates of the opposite sex in your picture, as "it puts off other people".

When Tomlin was crowned the most swiped-right man on Tinder back in 2017, he shared some other tips for success with the BBC.

"Have a bit of character on your bio, definitely," he said.

"There's no point in just being good looking in photos if you're bland to talk to. I always look for personality - someone who can have a laugh. One of my own previous bios was simply 'Model. Too stupid to write a bio', playing on the idea that models aren't supposed to be clever."

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