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Woman shares tour of apartment built inside a pool and people are calling it the 'coolest thing ever'

Woman shares tour of apartment built inside a pool and people are calling it the 'coolest thing ever'

Let's just say it's not for everyone.

If you’re a fan of The Sims, you probably respect some quirky house designs and might have created a few yourself.

Swimming pools inside the house or an underwater garage weren't uncommon in the Sim world.

But, a woman came across a real version when she was apartment-hunting.

At first, all seemed normal to TikToker vidswlyds, or Lyd, until she spun around the 360-degree view and noticed something odd.

There it was: the base of a swimming pool in the centre of the apartment, with the word 'shallow' and other depth measurements still visible.

'This apartment is inside of a pool,' Lyd said. 'This used to be an old YMCA and they literally renovated it. You could live in a pool.'

She showed stairs leading from the kitchen into the base of the pool that's fitted out with a carpet but still keeps a vintage feel.

'I can't decide if that's the coolest thing ever or if it's really weird,' she described.

'You have people over and they're like, "you live in a pool?" Like why is that kind of cool?'

She then showed the stairs leading to the master bedroom that sits above the kitchen and overlooks the pool. The original tiles and skirting boards remain around the apartment.


The place looks pretty spacious too, with plenty of storage space and closets, Lyd pointed out.

'It's a big apartment, but it's in a pool, like what,' she concluded.

Viewers were equally as baffled. You have to admit it's a creative and unique renovation idea though probably not to everyone's taste.

Regardless, some people are loving it.


'A little wierd but super cool. I would love it,' one user commented.

'That is the weirdest yet coolest thing I have seen in a long time… Wonderful conversation pit,' another pitched in.

'wait we’re kind of obsessed,' real estate marketplace Zillow wrote.

Others found it more eerie than cool replying: 'This has really sinister vibes I can’t put my finger on it' and 'Idk im lowkey creeped out…'

If this place takes your fancy, it's still available on the market in Cincinnati, Ohio.

'The Williams is a 52,000-square-foot, four-story historic building featuring 29 brand-new apartments built inside the former W.J. Williams YMCA in East Walnut Hills,' the listing reads.

Depending on the block, rent for one of these apartments ranges from $1,635 to $2,775.

Question is, would you live here?

Featured Image Credit: vidswlyds/TikTok/citycenterproperties