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Man who lives in the tallest building in the world shares a tour of his apartment and people can’t believe how much it costs

Man who lives in the tallest building in the world shares a tour of his apartment and people can’t believe how much it costs

You can spot the Dubai Mall and the World Islands.

Dubai's Burj Khalifa is the world's tallest building.

Standing at 828 metres, it's three times the height of the Eiffel Tower and cost over one and a half billion dollars to build.

YouTuber Ben Morris went to check out what all the fuss is about, getting exclusive access from one of his friends who lives there, Mohammed Alsafar.

He mentions living in 'one of the biggest apartments that you can actually get in the Burj Khalifa at one of the highest floors.'

The place boasts 4 bedrooms but technically 5 with the 'maid's room'. Mohammed showed his share of artsy furniture including a Louis Vuitton bench and a desk made from an airplane wing.

But, the views have to be the best bit.

Timo Volz/Unsplash
Timo Volz/Unsplash

Looking out, you can see the Dubai Mall which is literally walkable from the complex.

Not to mention residents have their own entrance into the Dubai Mall as both buildings are linked together, meaning they can stay in the cool air conditioning and get to the mall without even having to go outside.

You can also see the World Islands from afar from the dining room table view.

So, how much does it cost to live in the Burj Khalifa?

Well, the price of Mohammed's apartment wasn't revealed until the end of the video, building up a lot of anticipation with viewers.

Drum roll, please.

Muhammad paid £7 million for his apartment and that was with a 'Covid discount'. Wow!

'I don't see myself living anywhere else because I've lived in the Burj Khalifa for 10 years,' Mohammed said.

Ben Morris / YouTube
Ben Morris / YouTube

During the tour, Mohammed also showed his valuable collections from Hypebeast shoes to skateboards and tonnes of Bear Bricks across his bar.

Of course, you couldn't spend £7 million on a place without having smart tech installed. At the touch of an iPad, you can control the AC, lights, music, door and even a TV that comes down from the ceiling.

It's definitely an apartment of the future, though it didn't come with the place as Muhammed admitted to owning a business in 'home automation.'

People have been expressing their disbelief at the price and the humbleness of Mohammed.

'I can't even afford to watch this video,' one user joked.

'There is zero money arrogant on his eyes really mohammed is a humble, great man..,' another added.

Others thought the price makes sense for the view that you get, writing: 'That view looks insane!'.

'Wow thanks for filming and for sharing a look into your apartment. I've always been curious about how those were laid out with the difficult shape of the building. It's remarkable!' another said.

Featured Image Credit: Ben Morris/YouTube / Timo Volz/Unsplash