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Google launches new long-awaited security feature that Apple has used for years

Google launches new long-awaited security feature that Apple has used for years

Finally a development Android users have been waiting for.

The debate between Apple and Android has long raged on, with the former seeming to pip the latter to the post with a host of technologically savvy features which some users struggle to have access to.

However, the wait is over for one security feature in particular, and if you often misplace your phone, keys or wallet, this one's for you.

As a parallel to Find My iPhone, a feature which allows Apple users to quickly locate their gadgets on a map, Google has announced the launch of Find My Device to finally bring Android users into the fold.

Google has launched Find My Device.

Similar to Find My iPhone, the new feature will work via an app which can be downloaded to your device, allowing users to find an Android gadget by either ringing it remotely or finding its location on a map.

Google said the feature will be able to locate the device even if it doesn’t have an active internet connection, while Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro smartphones can be located when they are switched off.

It works by using a network of Android smartphones to help locate misplaced devices and other important items tagged with compatible accessories, according to Business Standard.

The new feature is set to be launched for Android users globally, starting with the US and Canada.

But it doesn’t stop there and with the new feature, Android users will be able to find other items such as their keys, wallet and luggage if they are tagged with a Bluetooth tracker.

Google confirmed that companies such as eufy, Jio, Motorola and more will be launching Bluetooth tags that are compatible with the Find My Device feature later this year.

Share an accessory so everyone can keep an eye on it in the app is part of the new functionality.

And, if you have a Google Nest device, the new feature will be able to tell you the proximity of your lost gadget to your home, so if you end up dropping your keys along the way or leaving your phone on the bus, you can quickly locate your missing device.

Finally, if your partner or family member has a habit of misplacing their gadgets, Android users can share accessories such as Bluetooth tags so multiple people can keep track of their items through Find My Device.

Featured Image Credit: Google / ED JONES / Contributor/Getty