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Apple sends urgent warning to all users to immediately update

Apple sends urgent warning to all users to immediately update

The iPhone update is to plug glitches and stop battery drain.

A new iPhone update called iOS 17.2.1 has been released to fix "important bugs" and could prevent battery drain, according to Apple.

On Tuesday, users in Japan were informed that a new update had been released which could help resolve their battery problems, although this was not stated in the UK release.

A new iPhone update has been released to fix "important bugs" and could prevent battery drain
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The tech giant recommends users download the update immediately to address issues from the previous version, iOS 17.2 which was released with the Journal App earlier this month.

Users had taken to social media to vent their frustration after downloading the previous 17.2 update and noticing that their batteries were being drained dry.

Some complained they were having to recharge their phones several times a day and that their batteries were draining percentage points in a matter of minutes.

One person posted on X: "I've been experiencing severe battery drain since updating my 17.2, my phone is almost a week old but the battery is worse after the update."

Another stated: "I noticed that after iOS 17.2 update the battery drained faster."

It has not yet been confirmed whether the new update has solved the battery issues yet.

The previous update had also introduced the Journal app, which invites users to reflect on their thoughts, feelings and experiences through journaling.

Concerns were raised, however, about the app’s default settings, which makes the phone discoverable to nearby devices even when not using the app.

It also relies on machine learning to draft journal entries before users have even started typing, which uses personal data, including their photos, workouts, recently played music and location.

The latest update can be downloaded immediately or overnight, however, users must make sure their device is plugged in for this to take place.

Installing the new update is straightforward, simply go to the settings app and press on General and Software Update.

Those whose device is compatible will automatically see iOS 17.2.1 listed.

Apple recommends that users keep their phones up to date at all times to maintain the product's security.

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