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iPhone user left baffled after mystery icon pops up when taking a photo

iPhone user left baffled after mystery icon pops up when taking a photo

A Reddit user came to the rescue though and offered up some help.

Our smartphones often know more than we do, so it's not uncommon to find ourselves a little perplexed when it comes to their abundance of features.

One iPhone user shared their experience on Reddit, and it perfectly captures how someone can be completely bewildered by modern technology.

A Reddit user needed help figouring out a mystery icon on an Apple iPhone.

In an attempt to capture a shot of their homemade bread, they stumbled upon what they deemed to be a mystery icon on their iPhone camera screen, which resulted in a rather amusing chain of Reddit user comments.

The original post showed two contrasting pictures of their bread - one being very blurry and the other, well, a little less blurry. (The hilarious thing is that neither shots are all that different - or are obviously photos of bread.)

The user who posted the images expressed their confusion and panic in a post, writing: “What is this button? Was trying to take a picture of my bread and it was ugly so I panicked until I pressed this icon.”

Cue some interesting responses.

Fellow Redditors chimed in, with some poking fun at the dramatic reaction to the “ugly” bread and others jumping in to solve the “mystery” icon the user had pressed.

The consensus? The puzzling button was actually just the iPhone’s 'macro mode' - the small flower icon that sits in the bottom left of the screen, and is automatically enabled when a user tries to take a picture of an object that’s close up.

However, the revelation that the blurred bread picture was merely a result of the iPhone’s macro mode - switching on without the user being aware of what it was - only made the exchanges in the comments section more entertaining.

“I’m sorry but that’s hilarious imagining you panic pressing buttons because a loaf of bread was just so ugly,” one commenter responded.

Reddit came to the rescue to help someone who had a question about an Apple iPhone icon.

Another user said of the bread: "Damn that's an ugly bread though," while another offered a more empathetic view: "Oh no my bread is beautiful but the phone made it ugly."

The thread turned into a mix of tech support and light-hearted banter.

Although one commenter helpfully took the time to explain how the macro mode works and give advice for the person taking shots of their food in the future.

“Since the main sensor is so huge and the aperture being where it is the focus area is so thin that without it food and documents would be out of focus. With the macro button on auto, it’ll combine the cameras of the ultra-wide and wide to help with that so things become more in focus!”, they explained.

They also offered up a recommendation saying: "I try to get the distance right so my food can still have depth and not look flat!".

Featured Image Credit: Credit: NurPhoto / Contributor / Jasmin Merdan / Getty