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Top 5 announcements from CES 2024

Top 5 announcements from CES 2024

These are the most exciting things to come out of the massive tech show.

Every year the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) descends upon Las Vegas for a week in early January to demonstrate what cutting-edge tech might be coming down the line.

From futuristic cars to a game-changing TV, it's like a time capsule to the future - and there are countless gadgets and announcements to sift through.

This year has been a huge one for the show, with loads of buzz generated around the news that companies dropped, so we've filtered down to the top five announcements you should know about and gathered them right here...

1. LG's 'world-first' see-through OLED TV

LG has been a market leader when it comes to OLED TVs for years now, but that hasn't stopped it from developing new ideas and pushing them forward.

While transparent displays aren't brand-new, it's still super rare to actually be able to buy them. LG is saying its transparent OLED TV is a world-first - and it's an absolute stunner.

2. Sony driving its Afeela car with a PS5 controller

Sony talked about the Afeela, its car prototype, at CES 2023, but this year it took things to the next level by driving the car onstage using just a PS5 DualSense controller.

That's a huge flex regardless, but people also got the chance to sit in the car and check it out, including the infotainment system which unsurprisingly features the ability to play PS5 games.

3. MSI's new monitor has AI hacks built-in

MSI is a well-known name in the gaming world and makes a range of hardware, but its newest monitors took center stage at CES 2024, including the gorgeous MEG 321URX QD-OLED.

What's most interesting is in the inclusion of a dedicated on-board chip to process AI options, including on-screen prompts to help you spot enemies or locate sounds - which sounds a little like cheating to some players.

4. The ASUS Zenbook DUO is a futuristic dual-screen laptop

ASUS took its dual-screen tech a big step further with the newest version of its Zenbook Duo laptop, which now features a full-size second screen hidden underneath its detachable keyboard and trackpad.

This makes it a crazy portable productivity option, letting you get dual displays wherever you are, and blending the lines between tablet, laptop and desktop computer.

5. Belkin's Auto-Tracking Stand Pro is perfect for TikTok

Belkin debuted this interesting-looking mount for iPhones at CES, and part of what makes it so smart is that it doesn't need a dedicated app - you just click your phone into place and use the built-in camera.

All the tracking and movement happens in the stand itself, making it perfect for filming TikToks or other videos without needing a crew - and it can go for five hours at a time.

Featured Image Credit: LG / Engadget/YouTube