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World's first 137-inch folding TV showcased at CES 2024 is ‘incredible’

World's first 137-inch folding TV showcased at CES 2024 is ‘incredible’

This cutting-edge TV folds up into a work of art.

The world’s first ginormous folding TV is here, and it doesn’t come cheap.

The jaw-dropping television, the C SEED N1 TV, was previewed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas for all to see.

When folded up, it turns into a small sculpture - so you would never know it’s a television.

The TV unfolds in five panels.

Apparently, it only takes around a minute to convert itself from an ornament to a screen - it rises 7.8 feet and five display panels unfold silently within the next 25 seconds to create up to a 137-inch 4K MicroLED display.

MicroLEDs are meant to give the viewer a far better experience than conventional TVs, by increasing the brightness and vividness of colors.

Every time the TV unfolds, it automatically calibrates to increase the brightness around the folds, and it can even rotate 180 degrees left to right - so you can adjust it to wherever you're sitting.

It’ll stop you having to move a chair to the right angle or crook your neck, that’s for sure.

It doubles up as a work of art.

N1 TVs are available in silver and champagne colors, in three sizes: 103, 137 and 165-inches.

The TVs are so exclusive, they don't even have prices on the website - but according to CNET, the 103-inch indoor model costs $110,000 (£86,000) including installation, the 137-inch is $200,000 (£160,000), while the 165-inch goes up to $300,000 (£240,000).

And unlike shopping for a mass-produced TV, these exclusive gadgets can’t just be picked up from a mall.

Typically, there is a wait period of six months between ordering and delivery.

CNET suggests C Seed has sold only 200 units in the past decade - making it one of the rarest TVs on the planet.

Tech company C Seed is headquartered in Vienna, Austria, and was founded in 2009 by Alexander Swatek, Jakob Odgaard, and Jorn Sterup.

The TV takes a minute to fold up.

It creates products ranging from speakers to TVs - for indoor or outdoor use, and all extremely high end. To give you an idea of what we mean - C Seed has even created giant outdoor TVs for superyachts.

C Seed isn't the only company showing off an epic TV at CES - LG have also just announced its jaw-dropping transparent and wireless TV.

So, if you fancy kicking off the new year with some high-end tech, there are a whole range of new tellies to look at - but they might not be the best option if you’re hoping to cut costs this January.

Featured Image Credit: CNET/TikTok