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Sony reveal their new car which can be driven with a PS5 controller

Sony reveal their new car which can be driven with a PS5 controller

If you've practised on GTA, maybe you'll be ready to upgrade to driving a real car with a PS5 controller.

It’s hard to keep up with the current speed of technological advances, but this latest announcement might just take your breath away.

In an astounding development, tech giant Sony revealed an exciting new update to its Aleefa EV vehicle - which can be driven with none other than a PS5 controller.

Audience members at the annual Consumer Electronic Show (CES) held in Las Vegas gasped as president of Sony Honda Mobility Izumi Kawanishi unveiled a new prototype of the vehicle.

Standing on stage at the world’s largest tech event, Kawanishi reached into his back pocket and pulled out a PS5 DualSense wireless controller - much to the surprise of everyone watching.

“Using this controller, I’d like to show you an aspect of the self-driving vehicle,” he said to the eager audience.

Then with a simple push of the joystick, the glossy grey vehicle zoomed towards him - the steering wheel is seen to move, but there's no one in the car.

Kawanishi said the aim of the Afeela EV vehicle was to “redefine the relationship between people and mobility”.

“We aim to revolutionize how people move, making mobility interactive and expressive,” he said.

He went on to exhibit the lights and sensors around the vehicle, as well as demonstrating how the self-driving car would interact with others on the road and perceive hazards such as pedestrians and cyclists, saying safety was a “top priority”.

Izumi Kawanishi brought the car onstage using a PS5 controller.

But there's bad news if you were hoping your PS5 controller would double up as a steering wheel sometime soon. Kawanishi was quick to point out that the vehicle was a prototype for showcase purposes only, adding that Afeela owners likely won’t be driving cars using controllers in the future.

And that might not be a terrible thing, with one person jokingly commenting underneath a YouTube video of the presentation: "I'm worried I've played too much GTA and controlling a car with a controller would be a bad idea."

And it's not the only exciting thing to come out of CES so far.

Samsung has dominated headlines with its exciting announcements - from a new AI smart fridge that can recommend recipes based on the items inside it, to a transparent TV that looks like a clear sheet of glass when it's switched off.

Featured Image Credit: YOUCAR/YouTube