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Drivers left baffled after seeing Cybertruck on freeway with TV on the back

Drivers left baffled after seeing Cybertruck on freeway with TV on the back

This is pretty much one of the most distracting things you could ever see on the road.

With their stainless steel bodies and futuristic designs, Cybertrucks already stand out on the road.

One thing that's even more noticeable than Tesla's pickup? A Cybertruck with a TV strapped to the back.

A viral video this week has shown just this, after the truck was spotted on a Texan highway with what looks like a TV rigged up to its rear bumper.

The short YouTube video is an absolutely baffling one - the TV looks like it's playing some sort of trippy video, and in the dim lighting and grim weather it's a completely bizarre sight.

From a purely practical level, it's a head-scratcher - we all know the Cybertruck has a massive bed that would presumably offer up enough space to carry a TV less precariously than how this one is set up, hanging over the road.

That's why a bunch of people are speculating that the TV is showing an ad for something - and this is all some kind of elaborate publicity stunt.

We just really hope that the TV is in some way weatherproof or rated for outdoor use, otherwise it won't survive the rest of that drive.

All of that makes it even clearer that this isn't some spur-of-the-moment stunt from the driver, but potentially a quite careful build process that has brought about a rear-mounted TV.

Of course, drivers behind them might be cursing their luck since this is just about the most distracting thing you could possibly hope to see on a freeway - and people have been rushing to the comments to critique the safety of this stunt.


"That should be illegal," one commenter protested, while another thought it was just for show, writing: "People just want reactions."

At least the TV doesn't obscure the truck's plate at all, so if the police did ever happen to see it and fancy a chat with the driver, it wouldn't be hard to track the vehicle down.

As we're seeing more and more Cybertrucks out and about in the US, this is just the latest in a growing lineup of customized versions - from gorgeous green wraps to all-black versions - as people get their trucks altered to their tastes.

We've even seen a so-called 'Iron Man' Cybertruck with a very handsome red finish that got everyone talking when it was debuted.

Featured Image Credit: BaadshahRuler/X