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Strange building dubbed 'world's loneliest house' on remote island

Strange building dubbed 'world's loneliest house' on remote island

The lodge was originally built for a unique purpose.

This house holds the title of being the loneliest house in the world.

Pictures of the cabin have been swarming the internet with people asking what the story is behind the isolated cabin.

Located on the island of Elliðaey, south of Iceland, the log cabin can be spotted on a hillside, surrounded in the middle of the vast blue.

Whilst the house may look like the ideal set-up for a zombie apocalypse, its true purpose is a little less exciting.

Built in 1953 by the Elliðaey Hunting Association, the picturesque cabin actually serves as a hunting lodge and sauna for puffin hunters.

YouTube/Ryan Trahan
YouTube/Ryan Trahan

In the past, those who did live on the island survived by hunting birds, fishing and raising cows.

The last known inhabitants left the area back in the 1930s and it has been vacant for the most part since.

As you can expect, there's zero Wi-Fi and phone reception out there so it probably gets pretty lonely pretty quick - unless you enjoy this type of lifestyle.

If you were to stay, your nearest point of human contact would be on the larger island of Heimaey - the only populated island in the area and is home to about 4,000 people.

One YouTuber experienced the isolation first-hand to share with his online followers.

In 2021, YouTuber Ryan Trahan took it upon himself to venture across the waters and up the steep cliffs to stay in the remote cabin.

YouTube/Ryan Trahan
YouTube/Ryan Trahan

Surprisingly, Trahan is not just one of few people to visit the house/ He's actually the 11,265th person to enter its doors which is all recorded in a log book kept in the cabin.

The house takes you back to a pre-21st Century lifestyle where you can enjoy manual labour, home-cooking and no internet.

The wooden interior is kitted out with a dining room set, sofa and a set of framed artwork and photos.

With nothing but the great outdoors to keep you company, this remote spot is the perfect place to get some headspace.

The first floor comes furnished with single beds, a fully-operational bathroom and a little kitchen.

Trehan was informed by one of the local guides: 'Everything that's here was carried up by hand.

'Every nail, every wood, every stick - everything was carried up.'

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Ryan Trahan