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Inside insane $4,700,000 floating house with an underwater bedroom is blowing people's minds

Inside insane $4,700,000 floating house with an underwater bedroom is blowing people's minds

This stunning floating villa has some immense surprises.

Ever wanted a house that floats? No, we're not talking about river boats or yachts - but a whole house on the water.

Well, a 2022 video from real estate YouTuber Enes Yilmazer shows just this - it's a walkthrough of The Floating Seahorse, an ultra-luxury floating villa.

It was on the market at that point for a staggering $4.7 million, with the guided tour wasting no time in showing why that price made sense.

The boat-slash-house was anchored in Dubai, with a stunning view of the city's skyline, and started out on the expansive outer deck.

It sweeps through into an open living and dining area with huge windows and doors that make the most of that view.

With hardwood floors and light colors, it's a very coastal look, albeit one that's off the coast instead of on it.

Despite not being very large, downstairs the villa has a walk-in closet and gorgeous bathroom, so you get a lot in the small-ish space.

There's another, smaller personal terrace on the other side of the villa, and heading upstairs you get another sun deck complete with a gorgeous hot tub and lounging area.

It also boasts an outdoor bar area, and would clearly be a pretty unbelievable place to host a party - not least because you could hop in and out of the ocean at will, too.

There's even a covered patio with more dining space in case you want to have dinner al fresco.

Interestingly, though, while this might make you think there's no space for a bedroom, the villa actually has lower levels that are completely underwater.

Enes Plus/YouTube
Enes Plus/YouTube

This means you get a pair of bedrooms downstairs, one with a huge window that lets you see directly into the ocean you're anchored in, which is particularly astounding with a direct view of some coral.

It has a lovely drop-down TV system, too, so that you can chill in bed and watch TV with the ocean as your background, and a luxurious ensuite bathroom.

The other bedroom is even bigger, with its own larger ocean window and space for a huge bed if you wanted - or it could change into a living room if you wanted.

People can't get over these ocean windows, either, with one comment reading: "The underwater bedroom would be such a good spot to chill, read a book, maybe meditate, and just generally relax. Looks so peaceful and pleasant."

Another observer said, "What an amazing place - just perfect for chilling, no neighbours."

So, if you had nearly $5 million lying around and wanted an underwater bedroom, you might have just found your new savings project.

Featured Image Credit: Enes Plus/YouTube