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People sickened by inside of PS5 after it's opened up following issues overheating

People sickened by inside of PS5 after it's opened up following issues overheating

Let this be a life lesson for us all: don't skimp on cleaning out your consoles.

If you've had a PS5 for a couple of years now and you've never cracked it open to clean it, steel yourself for this.

Way back when it unveiled the PlayStation 5, one of the first videos Sony released was a full breakdown of the console's design and construction, featuring a section showing how you could easily clean dust and grime out of the console.

It has removable and replaceable face plates that let you pretty easily take them off, and designated spots where you can stick a vacuum nozzle to clean out dust.

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Fail to do this for ages, though, and you might get yourself a console that's full of muck and can't get proper airflow as a result - and that's a quick way to overheat your PS5.

One Reddit user was having exactly that problem with their son's console, and after they were quoted a crazy $400 fee for an out-of-warranty repair, they instead decided to open the PS5.

The dust and hair blockage they then discovered is truly something to behold - a pretty gross sight that really shows just how clogged our machines can get if we don't take relatively good care of them.

This isn't just the regular part of a PS5 that you see when you take the faceplate off, either - it's the side of the power supply, which you have to remove some components to get at, so the air blockage seems to be buried quite deep in the console.

The solution is pretty easy from here - a simple cleaning job - but the state of the console has unsurprisingly garnered some pretty disgusted responses underneath the post.

One commenter said: "Perfect post to remind people of cleaning their devices and their homes. Dust gets in everything and this may be necessary depending on your environment," while another just said: "Gross."

Another added, somewhat savagely: "I feel like if your electronics are getting this bad, the air quality in general has to be bad for humans."

So, if you're a PS5 owner, whether you're still in warranty or not, crack those covers off and give it a clean! If you can do that every couple of months you'll likely never have this problem, and you'll probably find that your console lasts a lot longer as a result.

If you regularly vacuum the room it's in along with and place it somewhere with good airflow, that will also keep its fans working better - making sure you're able to game in peace.

Featured Image Credit: NurPhoto / Contributor/Getty / Reddit/BigCoreyD