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Samsung users fear another phone feature is about to be lost

Samsung users fear another phone feature is about to be lost

Samsung is rumoured to make more radical changes.

Samsung doesn't always change things for the better in the eyes of its fans.

Despite Samsung getting rid of a beloved navigation feature in its latest One UI 6.1 update, its users found a way to restore a previous version in the Galaxy Store.

This is a relatively small change in comparison to Samsung's scale of radical changes, including following tech giant Apple's footsteps to combine the charging and AUX ports. This change pushed users to either switch to wireless earphones or purchase an adapter for wired ones.

A Reddit user opened up a topic of debate as to whether the South Korean tech company will make another radical change to its handheld devices.

'We've lost the headphone jack, SD card, are soon to lose the sim card, will we lose the port?' the OP asked.

NurPhoto / Contributor / Getty
NurPhoto / Contributor / Getty

The user expressed that they were 'fine' with the headphone jack removal as 'adapters existed' and they even 'boosted the sound slightly.'

However, the discontinuation of the SD card slot caused a lot of problems for those who relied on external storage.

'Losing the SD card was the worst decision for Samsung, as there is no replacement for it; cloud storage is extremely slow, expensive, uses Internet, and heaps more of privacy issues especially with work accounts, and I won't walk around with an SSD attached to my phone to have my older photos on hand.

'With the rise of the E sim, it's clear we're gonna lose the sim card as well soon, which will SUCK for switching phones, traveling, or using an older Nokia.'

The post was tagged as a rumour which of course sparked debate among the Samsung community. It was only published five days ago and has now amassed over 150 comments.

NurPhoto / Contributor / Getty
NurPhoto / Contributor / Getty

Some users think that with the mandatory regulation that all devices sold in the EU must have USB-C ports, Samsung's charging port won't disappear 'anytime soon.'

'Wireless charging is nowhere near as good as wired charging yet. The difference is too far,' another fan wrote.

Another user protested: 'I want my headphone jack and my SD card slot back. I know they don't care, but I do and I will never stop saying it.'

Whilst some agree that the AUX output allows for a backup if wireless earphones run out of charge, others believe that the headphone jack is 'outdated' and wireless is the future.

Only time will tell whether the tech giant will continue the trend of eliminating the need for manual cables and accessories in favour of a more integrated device design. Regardless, the expectation is that Apple will be the first to make such bold moves before Samsung does.

Featured Image Credit: NurPhoto / Contributor / Getty