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‘Hidden compartment’ in toaster leaves people gobsmacked

‘Hidden compartment’ in toaster leaves people gobsmacked

This cleaning hack will blow your mind.

When was the last time you cleaned out your toaster?

If you're anything like us, you'll probably be averting your eyes in embarrassment right now.

And you might be even less keen to clean it out if you've seen some of the wild 'hacks' that have been going round social media.

TikTok user Kacie (@kacie_thebigcleanco), who owns a Melbourne-based cleaning business, has called out some of these farfetched hacks - including one which tells you to clean out your toaster with a hairdryer.

(Definitely a hack we don't recommend trying at home).

"Just tip it in the bin," she said in her TikTok video, which has 272.5K likes on the platform.

Sounds like common sense - but there's one particular part of the video that's blowing people's minds.

The TikToker starts by wiping down the toaster with a cloth, then she takes out a draw built into the device and tips the crumbs that have collected in it into the bin.

"There's a TRAY?!?!?!?!!" one comment reads.

That's very much the overwhelming response to the post - were we the only people who had no idea most toasters have a built-in tray, making cleaning them out so much easier?

The built-in tray makes cleaning out the crumbs so much easier.

"Wait? Toasters have trays?" one TikToker added, while another asked: "Do all toasters have that? The thing that be collecting the crumbs"?

To which the original TikToker replied: "I haven't seen one without it yet."

Just take that as your sign to finally clean out your toaster - because a tray you can whip out is far better than a hairdryer, fork or any other dangerous implement the latest cleaning 'hack' might be telling you about.

Featured Image Credit: @‌thebigcleanco/TikTok