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Secret trick every Apple store uses to make you buy their products

Secret trick every Apple store uses to make you buy their products

There could be a pretty good reason why you want to buy everything you touch in the Apple store.

Apple is so successful, you might think the tech giant barely has to advertise its products.

After all, there's a reason it became the first trillion dollar company, and if you walk down a busy street we pretty much guarantee you'll see at least one person clutching an iPhone.

However, it would seem like Apple still might employ a bunch of clever tactics to make you buy its phones, laptops and more - as outlined in a fascinating viral TikTok video.

The video, from TikToker @adrianwidjy, puts the spotlight on the Apple store - which tends to look pretty much the same wherever you are in the world.

When you walk into any Apple store, you might notice that the laptops have their screens positioned bolt upright - meaning you need to push them back to have a look at the computer properly.

"Apparently this way you need to adjust the positioning, which means you will touch it to adjust," the TikTok video notes.

"Touching and adjusting could give you a sense of ownership, which may make you want to purchase it."

And the same theory could be applied to the iPhones. They're positioned in a slightly unnatural way - meaning you need to pick them up to fully see the screen. And if we're to follow basic psychology, once you've picked it up, you could be a whole lot more likely to take it home with you.

Future Publishing / Contributor / Getty

Needless to say, this titbit is blowing people's minds in the comments section.

"Apple marketing is so good and well thought out," one TikToker wrote.

And many Apple employees are flocking into the comments with a key bit of info: that laptop screens are set at the incredibly precise angle.

"I used to work at Apple. After the whole day we were all required to have the screen at a 76 degree angle. Measured them using our iPhones!" one former employee said.

However, not everyone seems to think they'd be taken in by this simple bit of retail psychology.

"I touch, I see the price, I put it back," jokes one comment that's racked up 12.3k likes.

NurPhoto / Contributor / Getty

Another added: "Maybe that's a rich person tactic cause it don't work on me."

You might not realize it, but companies everywhere are employing retail psychology to encourage you to buy their products.

That lovely smell of freshly baked bread you pick up next time you're in the supermarket? Yeah, that could just be an artificial scent - all in a clever ploy to make you stay in the shop a bit longer, and maybe even head to the bakery section for a loaf.

Featured Image Credit: NurPhoto/Contributor/Spencer Platt/Staff/Getty