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Man buys every iPhone currently sold by Apple to figure out which one is worth purchasing

Man buys every iPhone currently sold by Apple to figure out which one is worth purchasing

If you're looking to upgrade, you'll want to watch this ASAP.

It's the age-old question: which iPhone model should you get?

Of course, the newer models have more features and are supposedly more advanced, but sometimes those improvements aren't quite noticeable enough to warrant the higher price tag.

Luckily, YouTuber Brandon Butch - who posts about Apple, tech reviews and news to his 1.18m subscribers - has posted an extremely comprehensive video breaking down all the options.

Butch bought every iPhone sold by Apple in 2024, looking at their relative design, camera quality, display, battery life, value for money and more.

"We're going to discuss the good and the bad, which ones you should just outright avoid, how long each of them will last," he says.

Rather than going through every model at a time, he divides it up into sections, comparing how each does.

What becomes quickly very clear is the oldest model, the iPhone SE, isn't really in the running. According to Butch, it's only really worth buying if you just can't afford a more expensive model, or you have to have a physical home button (it's the last model to have that feature).

"The value from this phone is just simply not there," Butch says of the SE.

So what about the others?

"If you care about battery life the most, I would look at the 14+ and the 15+," he notes, with the 15+ slightly edging out on top as you get a better camera and some other "great features".

If camera quality is your top priority with battery life as a close second: "The 15 Pro is going to be the one for you, as long as you can stretch that budget out to fit it".

NurPhoto / Contributor / Getty
NurPhoto / Contributor / Getty

But if you're not overly bothered about the latest features and absolute best camera, Butch recommends the iPhone 13.

"If you want the best bang for your buck out of any of these, I would say going to go to the iPhone 15," Butch says.

"This thing, you're getting everything - you get the same display pretty much as the 15 Pro and Pro Max, because you have the same peak brightness, you have the same amazing camera quality, you have the same Dynamic Island - you get a lot of features packed into a base model phone that we've really never seen before from Apple."

And what about the 15 Pro? For Butch, it's not really in the running at all, saying it's pretty much in "no man's land".

So there you have it - a detailed run-down of all the iPhone models Apple currently sells, which will hopefully help inform your decision next time you need an upgrade.

And we're not alone in appreciating Butch's work, with one comment under the YouTube video reading: "Excellent analysis and recommendations and my family already got the 15 some months ago! Thank you so much Brandon!"

Featured Image Credit: Brandon Butch/YouTube