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iPhone fans spot tiny ‘ridiculous’ change being made to display in iOS 18

iPhone fans spot tiny ‘ridiculous’ change being made to display in iOS 18

The exciting new system update is expected to roll out sometime this year.

iPhone users are still discussing the quirky new features that will be installed with iOS 18 - with some proving to be more divisive than others.

Apple CEO Tim Cook opened the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on Monday with a keynote compiled of software updates and the introduction of Apple Intelligence.

The speech revealed that iOS 18 will be released publicly later this year and will feature an updated Artificial Intelligence-powered Siri and ChatGPT integration.

Elsewhere, the 63-year-old announced you’ll be soon able to hide your apps from wandering eyes and also announced at WWDC24 that the Apple Vision Pro headset would launch in more territories next month.

Following the topline, some tech users have already installed the iOS 18 beta and have been expressing their joy over small design features.

Designer Greg Sarafian took to social media to share a video of a detail he’s ecstatic about - expanding bezels.

A display bezel, more commonly known as a screen bezel, is a crucial part of a device's face as it adds structural integrity and often houses electronics such as the front-facing camera.

While some mobile phones have elected to do away with the bezel, the iPhone has decided to turn theirs into a fun little feature with iOS 18.

The forthcoming update will see the iPhone’s screen bezel expanding when a button is being pressed.

So whether you’re increasing or decreasing the volume, the bezel will move accordingly.


Saragian’s footage of the design detail in action - which has wracked up more than 17.8 million views on X - has seen a slew of Apple fans taking to post to have their say.

One wrote: “Unreasonable details make all the difference in an experience.”

A second said: “Wow so in addition to the UI widget showing a button is being pressed to increase or decrease volume etc, there'll also be a dumb bending of the side of your screen!!! Apple have done it again, folks!!”

“It's like the drop shadow of Apple Pencil on iPad. So dope. Wish other companies had this level of detail,” typed another.

A fourth user commented: “This is so Apple. Ridiculous. I love it.”

Another user prophesied that this feature could herald a new dawn for iPhones by writing: “So they’re obviously getting rid of physical buttons right? Step one was removing a physical switch, now it can all be haptic.”

The formal release date for iOS 18 has yet to be released however it’s believed that they will arrive publicly this autumn.

Featured Image Credit: Greg Sarafian / X / NurPhoto / Contributor / Getty