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Genius predictive text hack means you’ll never forget your go-to fast food orders

Genius predictive text hack means you’ll never forget your go-to fast food orders

It's a brilliant tip that will save you some time.

Trust Reddit to come through with handy hacks to make your life that bit easier.

This time round, it's come up with the goods on a useful smartphone trick, posted in the iPhone subreddit.

Reddit user internet_humor posted that they had "finally found a use" for the text replacement feature.

And what they've done is totally genius. They've set up shortcuts, meaning they can type in one word - and it will automatically bring up a longer phrase.

In this case, they've used it for fast food orders - meaning 'chipotleorder' will bring up their full Chipotle order (a burrito with chicken, queso and more), 'innoutorder' does the same for In-N-Out Burger and 'mcdonaldsorder' will automatically pull up their personalized Big Mac order from McDonald's.

It's the ultimate lazy person's hack - you can picture the scene: you're sat on your sofa, desperate for some fast food, but you barely have enough energy to type out your full order on the app or to a friend who's passing by the drive-through. Instead, you can pop in one of the magic words and that will do all the work for you.

According to Apple, text replacement lets you 'set shortcuts to automatically become longer phrases or words. When you enter the shortcut in a text field, your chosen word or phrase replaces it automatically.'

And it's remarkably easy to set up, too. Here's how:

  1. In the Settings app, tap General > Keyboard > Text Replacement.
  2. Tap the Add button +.
  3. Enter your phrase and shortcut.
  4. Tap Save.

People are loving the hack under the Reddit post.

10'000 Hours / Getty
10'000 Hours / Getty

"This is brilliant. But also, I order something different every time haha so this probably won’t work for me lol," one person wrote - to which another had a genius fix, recommending that they customize each order as 'chipotleorder1', 'chipotleorder2' and so on.

"That’s a fantastic idea," another chimed in.

"I literally had no idea this existed and I’ve had an iPhone forever. I just set up so many daily things that will change my life. Not all heroes wear capes! Thank you," a third said.

And plenty of others are recommending other brilliant ways to use the feature.

"I use mine for my email address. I have the keyword as 'myemail' and it will auto fill with my email," one person suggested.

Another said: "I'm currently job hunting and use mine to quickly apply for jobs. @email, @number, @website, @linkedin to fill in all the usual fields that aren't captured by Safari auto fill."

While this is specifically for iPhones, there are plenty of similar features across Android devices.

Featured Image Credit: Inside Creative House/Alexander Spatari/ Getty