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Ex Apple employee shares ‘life-changing’ keyboard hack that makes one-handed texting so much easier

Ex Apple employee shares ‘life-changing’ keyboard hack that makes one-handed texting so much easier

You'll want to take notes on this one.

A former Apple employee has dropped some seriously useful iPhone hacks on his TikTok account - and they're game-changers for everyday users.

With nearly 800,000 followers, Tyler Morgan spilled the beans on the lesser-known features he picked up during his time at one of the world’s biggest tech companies. And let's just say, iPhone users are here for it.

Itching to unlock the full potential of your Apple device? Read on, you can thank us later.

This former Apple employee is spilling all the secrets.

One of the biggest revelations is how to access the one-handed keyboard. No more finger gymnastics trying to type with one hand - this nifty feature squishes the keyboard to one side of the screen, making one-handed typing much easier. To enable it, you can find the option in the keyboard settings.

Morgan also revealed a pretty neat camera trick. Forget swiping to video mode – just press and hold the camera button to start recording. It's a simple switch that could have saved us from missing so many spontaneous video moments - you know, all the ones that happen just before you find video mode.

Another hidden gem is adding voiceover to screen recordings, allowing you to narrate while capturing your screen. Just swipe down, press and hold the screen record button, and tap the microphone icon to bring your screen recordings to life with audio.

And that’s not all. Sometimes the torch feature comes in very handy but can often be a tad too bright. Well, it’s not just an on/off situation – you can actually adjust the brightness, with different light levels to suit your needs. To do this, swipe down from the top right-hand corner to open Control Centre. Press and hold the Torch button and then drag the slider up or down. You’re welcome.

Another particularly clever hack means you can wave goodbye to the days of hunting for the calculator app. Simply use the search bar (accessed by swiping down on the screen) as a calculator.

And for those who've ever regretted a hasty delete, the ‘shake to undo’ feature is a lifesaver. Accidentally erased something in your notes? A quick shake of your iPhone and it never happened.

If there’s one thing Morgan’s TikTok account is doing, it’s making iPhone users savvy tech wizards, one video at a time. Keep an eye on his account for more insider tips that'll make you wonder how you ever managed without them.

The former employee's hacks mean you'll never have to open the calculator app again.

Earlier this year, another TikToker went viral after she showed off a very important feature that could save your life.

With over 11 million views, the post explained how everyone should set up a certain feature on Apple devices if they haven’t already - because it’s so handy if you’re in danger.

“So if you have an iPhone, and you click the power button five times, it goes into like an emergency response system,” she explained.

“And it says ‘emergency SOS’ and then it immediately, if you let it go and don’t press cancel like I just did, it automatically calls emergency services.

“You can set up your emergency people and it’ll automatically send them a message that you need help and it’ll send them your location where you’re at.”

You can set this up on your iPhone by heading to settings and then Emergency SOS.

Here you can turn on settings for the emergency call with five button presses as well as ‘Call with Hold and Release’.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / hitomidocameraroll