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Apple is reportedly developing two foldable phones for 2026

Apple is reportedly developing two foldable phones for 2026

Apple could be about to join the ranks of Samsung and Motorola in making a foldable phone.

It's been years in the making, but it looks like Apple could be about to join a select club of phone makers.

Having finally launched its long-awaited AR headset the Vision Pro this year, the tech giant is reportedly also working on another bit of tech that will have its fans salivating: folding phones.

For years, these were basically only really being made in the mainstream by Samsung, but recently loads of other companies have joined in, from Google to OnePlus and Motorola. And when Apple decides to get in on the fun, you know it's about to be big.

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Now fresh reports suggest it's planning to do just that, although you should probably temper your excitement since the phones might still be a couple of years away.

The Intelligence, a well-regarded tech publication, has reported that its sources indicate Apple is working on a least two prototypes of folding phones, both of which are clamshell-style flip phones.

These are perhaps less attention-grabbing than the flagship, more expensive bi-fold folding phones that many manufacturers are focusing on, but many people agree they're more attractive since they fold down to such easily pocketable sizes.

Apple tends to have the attitude that it won't adopt a tech trend unless it's so advanced that there's no doubt the experience will be excellent for customers, so it's no surprise that it hasn't jumped on the folding phone hype just yet.

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After all, early models were plagued by unreliable hinges, screens that failed if you didn't treat them delicately enough, and huge price tags that put a lot of consumers off.

Now that these mechanical problems are becoming much rarer, and the prices are starting to creep down to more regular levels, Apple could be poised to jump in with a superb folding phone of its own.

It's reportedly looking at a roughly 2026 launch date for these, so don't expect the iPhone 16 or 17 to come in a flip style.

While nothing is confirmed - maybe these are rumors and not much more - it could be that the iPhone 18's 2026 launch date is the one that Apple has circled in its calendar with a big 'Folding!' note stuck on it.

Until then, though, Apple's engineers could be continuing to work on developing the tech, which has apparently hit plenty of speedbumps as Apple's classic insistence on perfect quality rubs up against screen creases and device thickness issues.

Featured Image Credit: iosbetanews/YouTube