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Ex-Apple employee begs iPhone users to stop doing common habit that can seriously damage your device

Ex-Apple employee begs iPhone users to stop doing common habit that can seriously damage your device

Easy little tweaks could make your iPhone way more reliable.

Millions of people around the world might use their iPhones every day happily and without any incidents, but that doesn't mean there aren't some secret tips that could make things better.

Tyler Morgan is an ex-Apple employee who's made it pretty big on TikTok thanks to his many videos showing little features and settings on your iPhone that you might not know about, and one of his most recent uploads is a great example.

It runs through a whole host of things that you should be trying to avoid doing with your iPhone, starting with the fact that you definitely don't need to turn it off every day.

Phones are now designed to be basically always on, so he says you only need to turn it off and restart it if the iPhone is unresponsive or some apps are behaving weirdly.

Next, he reminds people not to sleep with their iPhone under their pillow or beside them on the mattress while it charges - this can lead to overheating and is something that Apple specifically warns against in its safety documentation.

While this can be a safety concern, Morgan also points out that regularly overheating your phone will also make its battery perform worse, which some people might be more animated about.

Next up, though, is Morgan's biggest beef - people who take showers with their phone. While it's true that iPhones have had decent water resistance for some time now, Morgan says this still really isn't a good idea.

For one thing, over time small amounts of moisture could seep through the protections that Apple has built in and get inside the phone, damaging it.

Another issue, though, comes back to overheating - since keeping your phone near you in a long or particularly hot shower can get it really hot in no time, which isn't good for it.

iPhone 6 rumours
iPhone 6 rumours

Returning to that battery health issue, he then reminds people to try to avoid charging all the way to 100% if they can, since not doing so will prolong your battery's lifespan a little.

Finally, Morgan says that people need to remember to use AirDrop where they can - this brilliant file-transfer system is really easy, but sometimes people just use messaging apps instead, even if their friends are right next to them with iPhones.

Sending big photos or files this way can lead them to be saved in your attachments folder, which might be pointless and take up too much storage, whereas using AirDrop doesn't make this duplication happen.

So, it's more efficient and pretty much takes the exact same amount of time, making it a great one to remember.

Following these tips, according to Morgan, should make sure that you have a great iPhone experience for at least a few years.

Featured Image Credit: hitomidocameraroll/TikTok