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AirPods owner claims to have discovered ‘one last trick’ that doubles the battery of their earbuds

AirPods owner claims to have discovered ‘one last trick’ that doubles the battery of their earbuds

The usage time doubled after a complete reset.

Apple uses smart technology in its products to customise user experiences.

It's good in a sense that AirPods can adapt its charging habits to your daily routine. For example, Apple earphones can delay charging beyond 80% until you're likely to need them.

However, the problem is when the battery life diminishes over time.

An AirPods user shared a tip on Reddit for those struggling with their short battery life, especially the older models.

The user, smakusdod, explained that they own the 1st generation, original AirPods since its release.

However, the battery life for each AirPod has been "steadily decreasing over time".

Михаил Руденко / Getty
Михаил Руденко / Getty

Specifically, their overall battery life lasts "about 1.5 hours of audio-only usage" which the user called "frustratingly short."

The AirPod owner said: "Before throwing them away, I decided to try one last trick."

They recommended resetting the AirPods case first by pressing and holding the button on the back.

Once you've done that, you'll then need to re-pair them to your iPhone.

Consequently, the Apple fan reported that the fix drained the battery of both AirPods completely, including the case.

After charging everything back up to 100%, the usage time increased dramatically.

"This combination of reset/drain/recharge seems to have re-calibrated the battery life measurement system, and they no longer die at 1.5 hours," the user wrote.

"I'm now getting double that at around 3 - 3.5 hours, which is great for such an old pair."

NurPhoto / Contributor / Getty
NurPhoto / Contributor / Getty

The user also added an update to the post to say that the wireless earphones drain "evenly" now as before one AirPod would drain faster than the other.

While the tip doesn't necessarily increase the battery life but it's more about how the AirPods manage power which can be helpful when you need them to last you throughout the day.

To some, this trick is a godsend, to others... not so much.

"this is brilliant. i’ve had this problem for about a year and a bit and because of it i was planning on getting the airpods pro, so hopefully if this works i won’t have to fork over $400 for a pair," one user praised.

"This sounds like a trick to get me to listen to around 5 or 6 hours of my favorite music, but I'll give it a shot," another wrote.

Meanwhile, one user described how the trick "didn't work" after trying "several times" and instead had to buy a new pair.

"I’ve done this, but it didn’t work," another comment read.

Still, could be worth a try.

Featured Image Credit: Михаил Руденко / NurPhoto / Contributor / Getty